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Happy little new Concept artist/Illustrator on Fiverr

Hi my name is Clement Fortuné. I’m a French concept artist. I love making art for video games or any entertainment media, mostly oriented toward sci fi or/and fantasy genres. I changed my career (Former carpenter) for concept art to try to get closer from what i always loved: Video games and Create visuals that populate and give life to stories.
It has always amazed me how much hidden informations can be found in a picture!
Feel free to reach out as i’m always eager to share and talk with others art enthusiastic people!

I’m really looking forward to this freelancing experience.

-For Industrial Vehicle Game Concepts Art:

-For Architectural Game Concepts Art:

-For Fantasy Game Concept Arts:

Thanks for stopping by!!

Welcome to fiverr Forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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