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Happy (new) customer : 3.7 rating

Today I have just experienced my first frustration on Fiverr and learned a thing or two about doing business with people on this platform.

Few days ago, a new buyer came to me for a voice over project. I accepted and realized it was his very first purchase on this platform. After accepting the delivery, the buyer reviewed the transaction as such : " the service was pretty good! " and … a 3.7 rate.

I do not think I did anything wrong, the service I provided was impeccable and absolutely in line with what to expect. Here is the list of all the things I provided to this seller :

  • Extremely quick answers / smooth communication / Friendly and open to suggestions
  • Discount on project : he was offering $30 but I decided to apply my regular rate at $15 to be fair
  • Proposed my guidance for the buyer on how to use Fiverr, since it was his first experience
  • Provided multiple versions of voice for his revision request
  • Delivered within 24h instead of 7 days

How could I possibly improve or get such a rating given all these elements ? I mean, if a customer is not fully satisfied, I am looking for some constructive feedback in order to improve and not repeat mistakes I would have made. But I guess I just got to accept my fate on that one … What else is there to do for us sellers in that situation ?

To conclude, this experience really refrains me from making business with absolute beginners anymore. They do not grasp the importance of the rating system, and how much a 3.7 rating and being happy with the result is devastating, when the seller is providing his/her best and delivering beyond expectations.

Today I felt cheated and powerless as a seller.



The same thing happened with me also I feel very bad

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this is alsow happend with me .

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Hello, I am really sorry for what happened to you. I see that all your ratings were high and positive and it’s sad that, even though you did a good work, your rating was ruined by this feedback. I have no level yet, I started two months ago, but I too am scared whenever a new buyer contacts me or places an order, because you never know what to expect! But since I NEED orders, I take the risk and work with them. Fortunately all has been going well and I hope to never experience something like you did.

Anyway, I know you feel sad and powerless about it. I think Fiverr should provide a scale of how the rating works, because I don’t think it’s clear to the buyers. Also, Fiverr is really strict when it comes to ratings, and for this very reason, they should make it clearer to the buyer.

Have you tried to ask your buyer what went wrong and why he gave you that rating or how can you improve your service?


I cannot imagine if this was my first experience on Fiverr … All prospects of success would be destroyed !

I reached the customer and tried to understand what was going on. But in the chat he said it was all good.

So just like that, here goes my neat 5 stars ratings.

Never discuss anything related to a review with your buyer. You may receive a warning for that.

Buyers rate you on the followings :

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommend

You still have :star::star::star::star::star: as far as your communication is concerned.

Maybe the buyer thought that they received a product within 24hrs instead of 7 days (service was not as described) :wink:

really bad experience

I see… I am really sorry for that. I think buyers do not understand how ratings affect our stats and career.

I’ve read somewhere here in the Forum that with similar experiences, some sellers agreed with the buyer to contact Fiver’s Customer Service to change the ratings. Don’t you wanna try that? You should ask him what should you have done to get 5stars. And if he keeps telling you that all is good, then you could try to ask to change the review.

I have also just checked your page and don’t worry! You have 4.9 overall and it’s more than good :slight_smile:

Yes but my gig rating is now 4.8 : people looking at this from the search page will focus on this point first.

The service was clearly indicating 7 days, I do not get your point here :confused: And even though if it was the case : I would have delivered on time …

that means, taking orders of new buyers is risky. :cry: :cry:

They could have left the rating by mistake OR they could have been one of those people who need to be completely blown away to leave someone a 5*.

I got 4* recently with something like: “Good job” and the amount of work that order took was way above my comfort level. Yet, I delivered everything quickly, with no objections. Nor was I made aware that the buyer didn’t like something, everything was “great” the entire time.

I won’t be working with them again if I can help it. The buyer has a right to leave any rating they want, of course, and I’d be completely fine with the rating if I was made aware that there was a problem of any kind as I was working. But you don’t bombard me with “great!” and “fantastic!” the entire time, only to turn around and tell me I’m “good”.

It’s a funny new thing I’ve noticed recently. Some buyers are kind of… embarrassed or nervous to request revisions? They’ll apologize a lot, shower you in compliments to an excessive degree because they seem to think that otherwise you’ll refuse to revise the work. Then, as soon as the project is done and they’ve got everything they wanted from you, there is this switch in attitude and you’re no longer wonderful, you’re just “meh”. I wish buyers would stop doing that, it’s just creepy.


It’s very sad for every seller’s :sob:

By doing that, she would also be risking getting a warning. It’s not worth the risk.

As @rahulgraphics said, that’s not a good idea. And I would not recommend doing it again @hikarishinjo.

Noted, I won’t take the risk of mentioning such topic, even if I was just looking for additional feedback in order to get better for next times…

As seller in here I do understand your frustration but sometimes we have to take what buyers gives us no matter what the condition supposed to be.

3.7 mean not bad I mean it will not affect you in big time and not going to stop your sales.

patience is the key. take the experience you got from this buyer it could be a word from your conversation with the buyer or something in the delivery and apply it to the next customer coming to you in good positive way.

The service was indicating 7 days and on the contrary you delivered early. It just a matter of surprise for the buyer. It might confuse your buyer in the following way:
If you could render a service in 24 hrs then why would you set an order timeline of 7 days?

For eg: I purchased your gig or you make me a custom offer setting the order timeline of 7 days. And I am not in a rush to receive an instant delivery on a 7 days timeline, I make a successful purchase after submitting the requirements. Obviously, You get notified! And I on the other hand, have to leave for some work of say “2 days” affecting my availability to review/check the order delivered within 24 hrs; this would instantly put me in an uncomfortable position because I am thinking that the order’s timeline is of 7 days and the seller would take his/her time to work on a project involving 7 days and I am not in a rush too. This would surprise me and would raise questions on your service (service as described) in my mind specifically related to the order’s timeline of 7 days. Obviously, it’s my way of thinking but hope you get the point.

Always set realistic expectations !! (surprising your buyers can go either way : positive or negative)


Well you absolutely have a point.

The thing is that I received :

5 stars on communication.

3 stars on recommend to a friend : well this one I cannot contest it and I would accept it.

3 stars on service as described : as mentioned above, I delivered beyond expectations and seller was happy with the result. This is the part I feel unfairly treated here.

Well that’s an interesting one I never thought about ! Thank you, will definitely keep that in mind.

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This can be probably right or not but its your opinion and I do respect it but suppose I am the buyer who bought the service from @hikarishinjo and if she gave a fast delivery before due date I am happy about it consider it this way.

If you buy an item from online marketplace and delivery says it will take 30 days to come to your door and if it came on 14 days aren’t you happy? that’s why probably you are right and in my opinion you are wrong but in the end of the day its about buyers opinion.

Forgive him or her. Being a newbie maybe he doesn’t know how to rate.