Happy New Month! Welcome August!


After ending the worst month of July, waiting for a bright August. Wishing all fellow sellers ‘Happy New Month!’ Best wishes to all those sellers who faced the worst moment in July. (As like as me)


Same story bro, dont know what happened suddenly. I got level 1 badge in july and from that day onwards not getting new work anymore.


Same here… I am so good at logo designing but not getting orders makes me very angry… I want to work more. Let’s hope for a much better NEW MONTH…


All the best Guys. Happy earnings :sunglasses:


Happy New Month.

Hey guys, have you been spending some time to utilize all the other online platforms that you have to increase the views on the gigs that you have set up?

I also know that there are some tools that you can use to boost views and impression, have you tried any of it?

What of the buyer request section, have you been sending out all that comes through to get selected?

All the best.


welcome august .hope it can be bright for all of us


Thanks for your wish.


Hope August will be a bright month!! Good Luck dear!!:heart:


Thanks so much! How was your July?


It was fine. I’m just a new user on fiverr!!