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Happy New Year 2019! Judge my gig


Happy new year to all! I have Create Total 6 Gigs In Fiverr. All of about Photoshop Editing. Today I have created a New Gig. So, I want to know is there anything else. Please, can you inform me? After seeing my gigs. Advance Thanks!
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My personal recommendations

  1. Your gig images need more work, try looking into gigs of other professionals available at the moment of your niche.

  2. Work on your description a little bit, currently I can’t read in a glance that what you exactly provide. ( Your description should have that element since buyers have at minimum 10-15 gigs opened at the same time and they’re just hovering through until they find what catches their attention ).

  3. Set prices according to the work not minimum just to get sales

  4. Try using Gig Videos too they help

Hope it helps