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Happy New Year from Tokyo


Title says it all, happy new year Fellow Fiverrians.
Just in case you guys are thinking what the heck is going on in the image,
it’s all traditional Japanese stuff you see during this season.
Feel free to leave comments/images of traditional new years stuff from your
country :slight_smile:


“Happy New Year 2017”

Wish you a very enjoyable and beautiful life.:slight_smile:


Happy new year @zeus777

‘Traditional’ Indian new year happens in another season. The December new year is basically the Gregorian new year used for official purposes.

Here’s how traditional new year is celebrated in India :


Happy New Year from me here in the central USA. Here’s hoping 2017 is a better year than 2016 – in every possible way! May success be plentiful, and may your work here on Fiverr be enjoyable and fulfilling!


Thank you so much, I hope you have a great year too :smiley:


Ooookaaaay, I have NO idea what is going on, but I will say that the bright orange colors are beautiful. I’m guessing that orange is the color that represents New Years?? Or good luck?


…and less painful I hope with less painful buyers, hahaha :smiley:


Happy new year all! Let me share a tradition within The Netherlands, Oil Balls! I really can’t imagine living without these tasty things :slight_smile:


It’s (サフラン). Saffon is an auspicious color used in abundance in all our festivals (Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh all consider it auspicious). Our new year starts in April-June.’s_days

Yes, broadly, it means good luck. It symbolizes the core of Eastern philosophy on a deeper level, as it is seen as extolling the virtues of the Sun and Fire. Saffron is considered auspicious across all Asian nations (India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Bhutan, Laos). You might remember pop culture references of Buddhist monks ( or Shaolin fighters) wearing saffron robes (in Japanese Buddhism, it’s called kesa (袈裟).


HAPPY NEW YEAR BUDYY wish u a bautiful life :kissing_heart:


Ohhhhhhhhh darn, they look good. Are they like doughnut balls with powdered sugar? And you have them with wine?? Or some kind of alcohol? drool drool


Happy New Year!

I wish you all lots of sales, lots of returning customers & lots of leads.

May this year be blessed more than the latter one.



Happy New Year from Pakistan :slight_smile: and Wish you a lots of sales and great buyers . i hope this year will be better for all of us… & also Happy new year Fiverr TEAM :blush:


Exactly! And yes you eat them with some alcoholic beverage. But we usually have them for breakfast, lunch and diner too xD


Happy 2017! :slight_smile: