Happy Republic Day to All Fellow Indians


Be proud of the land you belong to. We have been around for over 5,000 years and will stick around for 5,000 years more. Be the best you can be, follow the law of the land, and pay your taxes. Be grateful to our soldiers who keep us safe and our farmers who feed us. Enjoy this day.


Happy Republic Day to You Sir :slight_smile:


Happy Republic Day to everyone :slight_smile:

Pics, pics, pics :

The video hasn’t been compiled yet, but here is the 2016 parade with French president :


Awesome pics!..


Does this mean I can say happy Australia day? We don’t have any events as big as the ones pictured but we still have sausages.


Great event ! Great pics !


Australia might be participating in next year’s event.

There’s consultations going on behind the scene.


Happy Republic Day! :slight_smile:


I find that interesting. Although I thought that the whole point of our slouch hats was that they bayonets wouldn’t be touching the hat… so I would’ve thought that would of been held on his other side.


Good catch!

The soldier holding the sword appears to be a lefty and became a victim of protocol. I dug up some text regarding the appropriate remedies a soldier has for such situations; It seems the only options a soldier in such a predicament is to learn to use the weapon right handed or learn to adjust to the awkwardness of the weapon touching the hat on the left.

This has been a peculiar problem faced by Australian soldiers ever since WW2, with no respite in sight. I have the memoirs of an Australian soldier who fought in WW2, this is what it says :

Life is hard for left handed people everywhere :joy:


Looks like the English cricket team is really celebrating India’s Republic Day. LOL.


Happy Republic Day to all there! :slight_smile: