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Happy Saturday! (rant inside)

Stay strong, fellow bots!


Ahh… Just another normal day at Fiverr as a seller. “Is this a bot?” That’s something new I read. :joy:


Somebody wants free work lol

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:joy: I’ve never had anybody actually outright accuse me of using a computer-generated voice. I listened back to their recording and thought it was really good, so I’m genuinely confused. Plus I spend a lot of time on each script making sure it’s perfect so… baffled, really.

For the first time, I genuinely don’t think this is the case. They have dozens of 5-star reviews from other sellers, some of which are from the past 24-hours! Many from repeat sellers as well. No idea.

Also, I mentioned in my cancellation request that they were transferring the rights of the audio back to me upon cancellation.

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They are a seller? hmm…

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Oops, I meant from other sellers, not buyers. They’re a top buyer. Like, they buy ALL the time.

Arbitrage lol. They are buying from you, to sell to someone else. That someone else wants free work.

Yeah but here’s the weird thing, I don’t think that is the case either because I delivered the order and received that request within about 90 seconds of delivering, so they wouldn’t have had time to send it to their client.

Maybe the final client dropped out in the meanwhile, and they are setting things up so they can get their money back since they have no use for it now.

You know, this might be the case actually. They placed the order about a week ago and never submitted the requirements and ignored my messages for days. Then they finally submitted the script, I delivered several days ahead of schedule, and they sent this message. The cheek of it.


If they buy, review, then cancel that phantom order still remains in their stats legitimizing the profile. Or they may just be having a bad day and you’re on the receiving end of that.

Stay strong, let us know what happens.

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Arbitrage is a risky business. I avoid working with middlemen as much as possible. Of course for voice artists middlemen will be the majority of clients.

You can’t buy and review and then cancel. You can only cancel after leaving a review by doing a chargeback, and that gets your buyer account suspended.

I think it’s like @visualstudios said - they probably no longer had any use for the audio so wanted their money back. If that’s the case, it’s extra dumb because they could’ve just messaged me and I’d have had CS cancel the order for them immediately.

At any rate, I cancelled the order because I don’t work with people who insult me, especially after ignoring my messages for a week and then being extremely curt when submitting their requirements - ON THE WRONG GIG.


Not if they have a good story for CS of why the delivered product ended up being unusable. Or harassed a seller long enough to refund them after the order completion (which can be done at any point).

I can’t do that. And they can’t harass me. If a client starts up any bs after completion and review, I block them immediately. Good luck harassing me then. Once an order is reviewed, it’s complete. I delete all files relating to it, no further changes are possible, etc. It’s done. Any further communication that I deem less than nice on their part, leads to no response and a block.

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Good for you. I was close to caving in once.

The block function that actually works is such a blessing. 100% my favorite feature.


Good for you. I should have blocked a very demanding buyer after the order is completed. He kept harassing me until I refused out right to do what he wants and now he complained about me to CS for being “rude & unprofessional” and left 1 star reviews. (Don’t worry, I left 1 star review back). I should have blocked him once the order is completed.

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Why would you cave? The only power a buyer holds over you is in the review they can leave. Once they leave it, there’s nothing they can do to manipulate you into canceling. They can go to CS to try to cancel, but if you delivered according to spec 1)it’s against terms of service and 2)Fiverr really dislikes losing money.

It’s creepy how all of them go to the same “it sounds robotic” excuse when they want a refund. It’s like there is a manual somewhere you can learn this from. It’s harder with my work. I think I had a few adorable “I feel the visual rhythm is broken” refund attempts but other than that, the complaints are legitimate if there are any.

Sorry for your lost time.