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Happy Sunday Everyone!

What is everyone working on today?
Shopping and getting ready for Thanksgiving here in North East USA


Hi there,

It is Sunday 18:15 here in Morocco. Lazing around and getting ready for Monday. There is this guy who asked me to translate a short ad and wanted me to post it on 3 platforms. Dunno actually how much I should charge them for the posting, which would be advertizing for their business actually. The translation is no more than USD 05 by the way. Do you have an idea?

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Happy Sunday!

I’m Canadian, so we had our Thanksgiving last month. It’s helpful for me because it means Black Friday prep time isn’t taken up with holiday planning and imbibing. Haha.

I have a question: do a lot of people still do their business over Thanksgiving in the U.S. or is it like Christmas when pretty much everything stops?

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A lot of people where I’m from still do business (I do as well). Kids are out of school, but it’s not uncommon to have the day before or after off, though. Many self-employed people take the whole week off. It really depends on the industry.


Thanks for that insight! It’s nice to know how fellow freelancers see things in the U.S.


Helping putting up Xmas decorations and also getting ready to carry out my first order, so a big day all round! Happy Sunday!