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Happy Thanksgiving to the American Fiverrs!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!



Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Ashley, how’s Ashley?


Reply to @startselect: I love gravy for those dry turkeys.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Happy thanksgiving, Ashley.


Reply to @mighty_dil: You are close. It has no space, just “Thanksgiving”, one word.


Reply to @oranjegirl: Yes. You can eat jerk turkey. LOL


Gravy time. Probably the best thing about Thanksgiving.


We are going to have a strange Thanksgiving this year, one because Mr. Oranje is form the UK so doesn’t really know what he is celebrating and two, we are going to be going to a Caribbean buffet, eating jerk chicken and drinking pina coladas at the swim up pool bar. At least we will have a proper Christmas in the UK.

I hope everyone else gets to drink a pumpkin spiced latte, stuff themselves on coma inducing turkey and watch the football game with their family. 8->


This is my first post here but i wanted to wish my American neighbours Happy Thanksgiving! i hope you have a great weekend everyone!


Okay everyone we made it to our destination in Georgia but I have to share with you all a funny story. So we are crawling down I-24 through TN and run into a traffic jam near Chattanooga, jam meaning traffic stopped for 20 mins. So its a pretty day, 72 degrees out and we are jammin to music and just enjoying the scenery. So I look over and there are two older men in a SUV next too me. I waived at them and the driver rolls his window down. He sticks his hand out the window and trys to hand me a lit cigarette (or what I thought was a cig, my eyesite is horrid) and say’s to me “You want a hit, its legal in Colorado, soon it will be legal in TN and everywhere else” I did my best impression of Spicolli and said GNARYLY DUDE! and rolled my window up… We laughed so hard all the way across the GA line. That is going into my book of Thanksgiving stories for the ages…


Same to you to Bruce!


WHOA just had a major brain shake up when I went to my thread and thought I had commented on my own thread… MERGED… Ya’ll need to warn an ole lady before you do this, it can play major games with her MIND hahahaha


I got to know about this “Thanks Giving” from FRIENDS TV series…

We don’t have such celebration or whatever it is in our country…

Anyway…I think “Happy Thanks Giving!” is what I should say right?

As I saw in that TV series yeah it was like that as I remember…



Happy Thanksgiving to you too


Reply to @hotwebideas: Ashley is great, How’s Bruce?


Reply to @mighty_dil: AHHH you learned about Thanksgiving from Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica? I will give you a shortened vesion of Thanksgiving here in the US. The only day of the year where people cram ALL the roads, travel in their cars and go to the homes of relatives and family. Once there, they gorge on what ever food is placed in front of them, watch American football, fall asleep, get back in their cars and go home (not at the same time) It is a holiday that we all celebrate as it is not based on religion or plotical views, just based on who makes the best dressing and pie


I hope you all had a good holiday today…