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Happy Thanksgiving Today


HI Fiverr’ss
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving
to Mer’ca today. Please no posts about how it came to be. Enjoy time with your family & freinds, if your lucky enough to have good ones.


Happy Thanksgiving to you! You must be in an interesting position as a Brit, since after all this is partially a celebration of getti…

Wait, no posts about how it came to be? Guess I never get to finish my sentence.


This must be a planet I haven’t heard of and something “came to be” there that I am not aware of. I wonder if they have blue skin like those Avatar critters. I’m glad you have sentiment for them, whoever they are.


:us::us::us: Happy Thanksgiving! :pray:t3::muscle:t4:


Im a naturalized citizen, 4th of July is very awkward


Trying not to mention it specifically by name :hugs:


I think that rule pertains more to other situations…




Well, that’s my only reason for responding to this thread ruined. :slight_smile:

Personally I loathe Thanksgiving. Not because of politics but because this was how Goose was originally replaced by Turkey on UK Christmas dinner menus. Cook a goose for Christmas this year and you will realize what a culinary injustice this was to the world.

Of course, certain culinary sins can be forgiven over time. Never, though, will I ever forget my only Thanksgiving spent in America, and the dinner table travesty of sweet potatoes slathered in sugar, with sweet as diabetic hell cranberry sauce smattered everywhere like a double-fingered salute to the sacred boundary lines between sweet and savory.

All that said, happy Thansgiving!


The bird of choice was initially goose? Interesting. I’d probably say the majority of Americans (myself included) have never even tried goose.

Before you get stereotypical, might I say that travesty certainly doesn’t apply to all? Our family has a German heritage and our holiday table has a fair share of savory dishes like blaukraut and spaetzle. I can assure you those are an apt culinary redemption for the sweet dishes we may also have.

I don’t even like sweet potato.


Alas, food has been abused by politics for many years. Haggis in Scotland was originally made from venison (deer) innards. Then the English came along and declared that the Scots could only use sheep innards as the main ingredient.

There is also an incredible taste difference between the meat of male and female livestock. However, these days, everything we eat is female. Thankfully, I am familiar with the dishes you mention, as these are also traditional dishes in Hungary where I have spent a few Christmases. (Possibly due to the old Aust-Hungarian Empire influence.) :slight_smile:


If this is any good news, the landscape is beginning to change at many American tables I know of. As a global trend emerges toward less corn syrup and bread, the traditional Thanksgiving meals are leaning toward diversity. I suppose the influence is even stronger because there are many more mixed cultures within families. Even in the not-so-deep south where I live, the emphasis on a traditional meal is less every year. Protein is still a big deal for most with turkey, chicken and beef taking starring roles. Anyone younger than 60 is starting to realize that diets of sugar, soda and bread have led to more pain and shorter life spans.

Of course, the holidays are still about excess whether we are talking food or commercial products. I see change, though, and I don’t think I’m the only American who welcomes it. I still don’t think I’d be likely to see a goose on many menus. I wouldn’t trade my own favorite foods for some sort of meat pie or fish n chips accompanied by beer. The stereotypes are not as accurate as they once were, though. (To @wooden_fish - I love spaetzle with lentils, thanks to a favorite exchange student!)


Deep fried Turkey here that’s the way to go. However it’s now considered a weapon of mass destruction. As 900 house’s are set alight by such methods every year . I follow it up with British roast potatoes and a prime rib to balance it out.


You have not lived untill you have tried "“Turducken”


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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: very funny


I’ve heard that. When I ate meat I had turkey quite a few times and duck a few times. I’ve never had them together. I don’t eat meat anymore but luckily for me, meat was never a big thing at all. I love cheese, though, so I wouldn’t be a vegan unless I had zero choice. :slight_smile:


It can’t be more awkward than singing the national anthem and taking the pledge of allegiance at the naturalization ceremony. Naturalized citizens have nothing to be ashamed about, they followed the law, did the paperwork, and earned the privilege of citizenship.

Besides, each American celebrates the holidays as he wants. I’ve never gone to a Fourth of July event because I don’t like crowds, and don’t get excited about fireworks unless it’s Disney World, Universal Studios, or some company that knows how to do them.

Also, when I vote, I don’t wear the “I Voted” sticker, it’s nobody’s business if I vote or don’t vote.


I went from sensible sweaters, socks n’ sandles to… Camo & " from my cold dead hands" quite quickly.


We rarely do things “sensibly” here. Independent passion, stubborn determination (good and bad), and a “we will MAKE it happen” drive are the the tried and true American way. We are who we are, and we like it that way. :wink: