Happy Thanksgiving! Unless it isn't Thanksgiving for you-and in that case


Happy international -“Everything is Awesome” day. It’s the one time of year where we let everything go and decide that life is awesome. We’ll have to decide on an official Holiday mascot, theme song(s) and decorations.

I need suggestions.


I submit the 80’s cheese fest “The Heat is On” by Glen Frey as one of our holiday theme songs. Think of it as the “Here comes Santa Clause” of “Everything Is Awesome” day.


Hey thanks. That’s right and along with feeling awesome- a standard tradition of ‘Awesome Day’ will be wearing trendy beanies and pretending that we can all break dance.

This, of course, means that our next Holiday anthem must be this:


Right. Apparently, Awesoming around doesn’t enthuse to the level that I had anticipated. You will not hold us back- anti awesomers.