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Happy Wednesday!


I am new to Fiverr and just posted my first gig earlier today. I am offering a proofreading and editing service.

So far, I have noticed that my gig does not show up at all when I search for it in the “Find Services” bar. I have also noticed that other sellers have had this same issue and customer support was able to fix this for them. So, of course, I sent a message to customer support asking them to fix this problem for me as well… I am still awaiting a response. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have also made a post on tumblr, hashtagging many, many different things to advertise myself. I have considered creating a Twitter account and advertising on there, although I am skeptical of how much success I would have doing that. How successful have other sellers been advertising on Twitter? Also how should I go about advertising on there if I do not personally know very many people that use Twitter?

Just searching around for any tips on how to get my first sale. Advice is appreciated.


Hello and welcome to Fiverr.

Since I don’t have a Twitter account I can’t say for sure how effective it is, but keep doing it, let people around you know about your gig. Do you have any friends (or their friends) who needs to help with proofreading? Some new sellers starts from the people they know around them, maybe you can try that too.

Also personally I don’t see anything wrong with your description, but comparing it with some of the other successful proofreaders here, I think your description is way too short.

Longer doesn’t mean always better, but you might want to check out other seller’s descriptions and get some ideas.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! I will do some more looking around.