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Harassed by buyer


Long story short I felt the buyer was rude I didn’t want to complete the work so I canceled it. He went on to harass me online went to all my social medias, knew all kinds of information about me. Was sending me threatening messages. I repeatedly asked him to stop and he wouldn’t. I reported him and Fiverr told me just to block him. Which was done. But I see he still has his profile and is online. I know I should let it go but I do not feel safe. He spoke about my children. It’s harassment and bullying because I canceled a 15 dollar order. Is Fiverr not going to do anything? I don’t want to be a seller here if they don’t care about their sellers. Anyone ever had a similar situation.


Sorry you’ve had this.

You said in a previous post that the mentions made of your children were made through social media. Why not report their behaviour to whichever social media network the messages were sent on as I doubt Fiverr could act on something said or done outwith their website.

If you’re using a business fanpage, Twitter account etc. how would the buyer know about your children? It’s really important to stay anonymous on Fiverr, and I’m sure you can now understand why.

Fiverr do care about their sellers, but can only act on stuff done through their messaging system etc.

Good luck! :sunny:


I wish I knew what more to say in addition to offline helper’s suggestion. I can’t imagine what you must be going through.
Remove him from every social media accounts that connects you and keep reporting him or her to each account management.


Hello, this is terrible.

I want to assure you that this person is all talk and no action. He wanted to upset and scare you and he succeeded. This was all he wants to do. He is not an actual threat to you or your children. I say this as both an intuitive message and as a person who has some knowledge of this type of internet creep in general.

I hope you make all your social media and in particular any with information or pictures of your children private and only for friends.


Yes thank you all for your replies. I did that. I went and reported him on every avenue he went through and all my stuff is private again. But what I want to know is why is Fiverr ok with him to continue as a buyer :grimacing:


None of us on here can speak for Fiverr. :wink:


Instagram and Facebook acted immediately and it took a day for Fiverr to say just block him. I mean what if he does this to the next seller. If it’s not what he wants…I’ve been a seller on other sites and have never experienced anything like this at all. I just don’t feel the same way I used to about selling online. I guess I just wanted Fiverr to warn him or at least take his page down even though he’ll create a new one. Not make it so easy for him. :woman_shrugging:


Yes I know. I guess I’m just venting. But also does the Fiverr seller community feel as though they are protected or does it seem as though the buyer is always right type of deal?


You’ll get different answers based on individual users’ experiences - some will moan about CS like they’re responsible for all the evils in the world, others will enthuse about them as if they’re best friends.


Well I appreciate you all answering me. It makes a world of difference to me from yesterday. :pray:


Did you send his messages on fiverr that were threatening in screenshots to customer support?


Yes I sure did. I sent everyone and reported them as well.


Report, report, report. Fiverr and the other sites must be told. They can’t do anything unless they are. Hope you get this resolved. It sounds quite scary.


contact fiverr customer support right away and they might take his profile down. And if they dont do anything keep contacting them until its resolved, some times I have to contact customer support serval times before i can get anything solved, some might think that’s annoying but you have to get these things sorted and if fiverr cant do anything about someone being harassed by buyers then shame on them.


Ok thank you! I appreciate the advice. I did report and I did the survey if I feel this was solved but yea you guys are right. I will do that now.