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Harassed by the seller after not great review

Hi all,

I ordered a few gigs on Fiverr, but never had situation like this before.
It was a custom order and all seems good when choosing the right seller - great feedback, nice screenshots of products, great 1st contact etc.

From the start however I had huge difficulties communicating with the seller, who claimed he’s fluent in English. Clearly he wasn’t and his sales pitch was written by someone else.

Because of the language barrier he couldn’t deliver what I was asking for, the end product was far from what I was asking for. It was ok, but far from what I was describing, even after going rounds with the seller explaining time and time again what I’m looking for. It was simply clear to me that he did not understand what I’m saying. He continually asked for 5* review though.

Anyway finally I’ve decided I have enough of this and wanted to cancel the gig. Seller had none of this and kept sending me messages to give him another chance etc. This cancellation was going back and forth for another day until I finally caved in and tried to work it out again. As mentioned above the end product was far from what I was asking for though.

I’ve finally decided to accept the gig to end this poor experience and wrote my review based on above (2* in overall). Since then seller has not stopped harassing me asking me several times PER HOUR to remove or change my review and after refusing he’s now pushing for order cancellation (I presume that removes review). I have declined cancellation twice already and he still sends me messages and asks to cancel order.

I had nothing but bother since the start of this order and I want other people to know what they can expect when dealing with this seller. I don’t want the order cancelled by him or review to be removed. I guess that’s how he has such a good general score as he simply tires people out and they give up cancelling or giving 5* reviews.

I’m amazed this sort of a thing is possible in Fiverr and it seems to me it can keep going for indefinite amount of time if he asks for order cancellation again and I decline it. It can literally go for years it seems. The situation is just ridiculous.

Did anyone have similar issue and how did you deal with this? I wrote to Fiverr support and hopefully they can sort the seller out but if not then what do I do? I don’t my review to be removed in any case.

Apologies for a long post but had to vent.
Thanks for reading.

You have done everything right. Now just relax.

Cancellation no longer removes the negative review.

You can take a screenshot of some of his emails to you and send them to customer support so they can block him from continuing to harass you.

You could always use reverse black mail and tell him if he wants it removed he can pay you $5, don’t worry admin, I’m joking…or am I? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also experienced this. I had this person work on my website and he was rude in his communication and ended up canceling the order. So I gave him 2 stars. Can you believe this seller has been emailing me warning that he will “F” up my business online and send his college friends to wipe out my products online etc? It has been shocking that people like these feel they can exist on fiverr. I have screen shots and of course removed his access to my sites. I have been on fiverr for more than 5 years and never have i experienced this.

He send me more than 10 messages in 1 hour via email and threatening constantly. I am super annoyed. This has never been my experience on fiverr. I had to come here to search for this topic. I will not let this seller get away with this at all.
Any further suggestions?

Yeah I’ve had my share of psychos on here, thing is I like to point out that I’ve been in IT for over 20 years and ask them do they really want to go down this path because the outcome isn’t going to be pleasant if they want to play checkers with a chess grand-master… :stuck_out_tongue:

Take screenshots of what he said and send them to customer support.