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Harassing, abusive seller

Hello All,

My first buyer experience is pretty bad on Fiverr. There is a seller who cannot deliver, but refused to decline the job and keeps continuing with an abusive behavior.
First he begged, tried to pressurize me with his family photo and does not take a no answer as a no, although I told him I wish not to work with him and I insist on a refund. He keeps declining and keeps messaging me and pushing delivering a bad job, although I do not want to work with him anyways since his inappropriate behavior.
I am wondering how you deal with such an abusive and harassing element and how I can force him to leave me alone.
Just want to add: I reported him but I see no effective, real time Fiverr customer support for such matters.

Please share your experiences.


You can just contact fiverr support with “contact” button at the bottom of help page.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and unprofessional.


thank you!
I just did it but they may come back in days and this is getting very disturbing.

Just ignore it for now, don’t engage with your seller anymore. It might take fiverr support indeed a couple of days to reply but the end they will cancel it and in the meantime just ignore abusive messages from your seller.


Thanks, mariasthelle1

I am quite disappointed to be honest because I can see that cultural differences / or the lack of any professional culture can be equally harming as well as a bad technical job.
It feels really disturbing when someone does not accept a NO answer.
I only fear that the system automatically accepts the delivery if I don’t keep requesting modifications while the customer service is so slow to deal with such serious issues.
I was hoping they would implement a vetting protocol before they accept just anybody to sell whatever.
The guy I asked for logo making, does not even recognize colors! And now I am chasing my money and it is horrible feeling to deal with an abuser. Eventhough it is online only.

I am so grateful for your reply on the forum as it is encouraging not to stay silent about such behavior. Even though I am not a little butterfly to get easily scared and yet…
thanks for your support.


Just make sure you don’t leave it unanswered for 3 days straight and the system won’t mark it complete. If he tries to deliver again, simply ask for a revision and again and again until CS replies. Sorry you had to face this situation :roll_eyes:

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The delivery is automatically accepted if you do nothing for 3 days. And even if the order is automatically completed, it can be cancelled by Customer Support within the next 13 days.

I’m really sorry you’re going through this, sellers like that one make it difficult for everyone.


thank you, zerlina84.
I will follow your advice. I wish too, that it had been a success story…

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hi catwriter,

thank you so much. indeed, it is harmful for everyone who is trying to make a decent living out of this platform. If stories like mine will become the normal here, everyone including the platform can close their businesses. It is important to find the weak spots together.
I am trying to give a second chance to the platform, if CS will sort it out appropriately - although not sure how I could select a good seller as this seller’s reviews were 5star!

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I’ve never bought a logo, so I’m not sure (I do know that reviews alone don’t mean much; checking their portfolio/samples/gig images and whether it’s just something they found on Google could be a good step). Hopefully others will chime in and advise you how to find a good logo designer.

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Indeed, the portfolio could be copied from any internet source as well.

Sellers are well behaved & respectful to all of their buyers in this marketplace as far as I know. So upset to here that this happened to you. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your journey in Fiverr.

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I wish no buyer should go through embarrassing situation like this but I’m sure customer support would listen to you and get your funds back .Believe me that all sellers here are not like that, there are lots of good sellers here as well which do their work with true honesty and deliver best quality results.

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if this is the case… but who knows the actual story

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As a seller, I’m sorry for your bad experience.He must me need punishment for this.A seller first need to know how to behave to a buyer.Anyway, report him and find a good seller for your work.

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first of all, Welcome to Fiverr community forum, Its unfortunate you have to go through all the trouble of an abusive buyer, I am sorry for that But doesn’t mean that everyone is like that, there is always someone like him in every marketplace.

Just be sure that you will get your money back once CS goes through your request. Just wait for a while because due to COVID, they are having so many problems, and somehow staff is short. So be patient and your problem will be solved, Meanwhile, as other sellers stated, Keep the Revise button hot, every time he/she delivers just keep asking for revision until CS contacts, Let them know about seller abusive behavior and he will be kicked out of Fiverr for sure.

after that, Give Fiverr another chance and look for a good level one or two sellers for your work, They might charge some extra but you will get the best service possible.

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That is unfortunate. I hope Fiverr customer service could help you out with this issue. The seller should stay professional, use sentimental stuff such as family photo too keep you stay as his client is so wrong.

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Hi All,

Thanks for all your kind words and comments.
I just wanted to let all know, that Customer Service finally sorted out and I received my money back. They were a bit though…brief and hardly apologizing, I must say. I received more reaction from you people than the customer service.
However, all is sorted now, and apologies for my late final statement.

Thanks again for all your support!

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