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Harassing for a refund

A buyer keeps writing me for a refund for an order I have completed at the end of March 2018, so a bit more than 3 months ago. I don’t want to be rude, I offered re-dos of the work provided. There is no refund button after this time. Is there any way she can reverse this?


hi, u can’t do anything for this so just contact fiverr CS. thanks…

contact to fiverr support center there is only way to save your money from these kind of buyers and send them screenshots of your conversation with that buyer and send them a proof. thank you

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Yes If she want then she can reverse it.
Please read this

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Was it a spell gig and is the person complaining about the results of the spell? Did the spell manifest or is it one that takes longer? Maybe put in the gig description how long it takes the spells to manifest.

Whether it is a spell gig or any other gig, stating that a service takes longer than the delivery time could result in a banned gig. (Theoretically, if the delivery time is something like 7 days, the service should also be completely fulfilled by the delivery time. Fiverr doesn’t seem extremely strict about this, but they might back a buyer or ban a gig over it if there were complaints.)

If a service can’t be delivered within 29 days it may also be considered a ToS violation. I’m not writing this to you because you have done or said anything wrong, I’m just being clear about what could happen with gigs that have unusual statements about delivery time.

I said that bit because in some of the comments it says things like “spells take more time to manifest.”. If so, it might be better to specify how long it takes so the buyers know, while still delivering the entire service (including time for the spell to manifest) within the Fiverr delivery time limit (whether that’s 30 days or 29 etc.).

I gotcha and it’s a good suggestion. The only thing that sellers should remember is that spells are not exempt from the usual rules. It’s not unlike someone selling traffic. If they say that they guarantee X visits within 29 days they should deliver that. They can say that you might get more visits after the 29 days, but it shouldn’t be guaranteed.

Someone selling a spell also needs to state only what they can actually deliver within the time stated. Adding a note or FAQ that says there might be more “manifestation” after but that it isn’t guaranteed isn’t a bad idea, but a seller can get in trouble for not deliver the guaranteed portion by the delivery date. Any other options wouldn’t be fair to other sellers.


Well, the thing is, I have delivered my promise. It’s her word against mine.

There isn’t any way to refund after so much time. Only Fiverr can do this.

You have to contact Fiverr cs to refund the order, but you will loss ranking as well.

Well, I do not want to refund her, I did my job, she is clearly just looking for an excuse.

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i think it will be better for tell her that you did the job as per she want. the who wants refund after 3months.

btw good luck.

Did your Buyer give you insight as to why she’s requesting a refund? Was she dissatisfied with the results? Did you promise certain results by a certain date? By reading the other comments here, I guess this is for a spell gig, no?