Harassing Me For Ratings And Other Problems


I haven’t been using Fiverr for long. I used it for a few things I was very happy with but now I am running into trouble. Lately I have had three problems. One being I ordered a logo. After figuring everything in it cost me just over 26.00 still a decent deal I thought. The person even said in his pitch NO CLIP ART. So the first logo he sent me was all clip art. I knew the clip art and sent that jpeg back to him asking if his ad didn’t say no clip art. He said “Oh you didn’t want clip art?” So next he sent me back another design that was just three different clip arts put together. Having enough and giving up on getting what I had hoped. I called it a day and settled for the crappy design I got. When I rated him I gave him 4 stars because he did modify the design and I didn’t want to be mean. Anyway now he sends me harassing messages to delete the 4 and give him a 5 because his rating is going down. This guy just wont back off.

Next at that same time I hired another person for a logo that ended up being nothing I asked for. I messaged that person and asked them to redo the logo because it wasn’t what i asked for at all and I was very specific. They do another and now instead of a tiki man I get something that looks like a leaf throwing up. All green and weird looking. I’m attaching the design.

I’m also working with another guy that had a great jingle on his add but delivered something just horrible. Now because I told him I thought it was horrible he wants to cancel the whole order and says if I don’t cancel he is gonna fill out a ticket on it.

I as a buyer am overwhelmed. So many negative experiences are making me second guess my thought that Fiverr could be a great tool in helping me get stuff done when I don’t have the time. Feeling like I do now I just don’t know if I want to even use Fiverr anymore. People don’t deliver what they say they will, they harass you to leave better stars then what you feel they deserve and want to cancel orders because you call them on crap they try to send you.

Any advice out there? Thanks for your time.


Sorry you’ve been having such a hard time.

My first advice is to report the ‘clip art’ seller. If you actually have proof that he promised NO CLIP ART and then delivered clip art, TWICE. They did not fulfill their agreement. It is also against the Fiverr Terms to threaten and harass other users.

You should always leave genuine, accurate feedback based on your experience with a seller. If you think about it for a moment, you may have avoided all that aggravation and wasted time if previous buyers left honest feedback about that seller. There is nothing mean about letting others know a seller is dis-honest or incapable.

You didn’t elaborate on what you did about the ‘nothing like’ you asked for or the “horrible”, but you have the usual options of cancelling and not leaving feedback, or accepting and leaving the negative feedback that these sellers apparently deserve.

Try not to be discouraged that all of Fiverr is a waste, it can just take some time to find the quality sellers. But please remember, if you (and other buyers) don’t leave negative feedback when it’s obviously warranted, you are only encouraging worse behavior and worse quality throughout the entire site. It will eventually become impossible to find good gigs. It will be overrun by charlatans who have good ratings either through making buyers feel guilty or by bullying them. That does no good for anyone.

Best of luck to you. Oh, be prepared for sellers to show up here and say it’s all your fault for expecting too much for the money or not being clear in your instructions to the seller, etc… While it’s certainly possible there were some legitimate misunderstandings, you are perfectly within your rights to expect the seller to provide what the seller says they will provide for the amount agreed upon. And no-one should be harassed to give a higher rating - ever.


Reply to @itsyourthing: How can a seller bully a buyer? I’d like to learn this trick because I would think that the moment I even attempted such a thing my ratings would reflect it. I cannot prevent a bad rating.

I think that there are two sides to everything and while $24 isn’t bad money it’s great money. I wouldn’t expect too much for it. It’s Payless, not Macy’s prices.

When people bring up the Nike logo costing $40, they forget to mention that at today’s inflation rates that would be $245 and the “student” who created it also got stock options that are worth $655,000 today.

Most people aren’t coming here for branding, they are coming for cheap logos, so they should have very clear expectations of what to expect. I sell and purchase. I know the value of branding so I am saving money to go to an expert graphics designer who will spend days thinking about how to convey my image and not recycle designs. That said giving someone reworked clip art is dishonest, and steals someone else’s hard work and creativity. He should be bounced.

Lastly, the last image he presented is a clear case of using subjective criteria to “art”. I like the logo for $24.


What do you mean “The person even said in his pitch NO CLIP ART.”…when you say pitch do you mean their gig description actually says they do not use clip art in any of their gigs? Or are you saying that you emailed the seller first to discuss the project and in their email to you they said no clipart?

I would be curious to see what the first clip art logos looked like. I wonder if there is any kind of language barrier with regards to what “clipart” actually means. Do you personally consider this tiki man guy clip art? Of the first seller that gave you all this clipart, did they have a lot of that style of clip art logos in their portfolio? If so, don’t use those sellers.

Also, the other issue is that you seem to have a very specific idea of what you want. That can sometimes make it a little harder in some ways, not easier like you are thinking. While there are many good logo designers out there, there are also many moderate ones that just do template kind of stuff and really don’t interpret high end design well.

Oh and as for the cancel order, I would report them to Fiverr first, as long as all of your emails to them were polite. If you were abusive in any way, jsut take the cancellation and walk away with a free job.


Reply to @infinityplusone:

infinityplusone said: How can a seller bully a buyer?
The bullying is dependent on the type of gig offered. The forum is full of instructions on how it can be done. :) What comes immediately to mind is threatening 'back end' damage on coding gigs, retaliation lambasting online, not sending final files until after a review, 'un-posting' reviews.... the list really does go on.

Fiverr would be a much more pleasant experience if folks would stop trying to 'get one over' on everyone else. What can I say, I'm naive.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I agree, but at the same time $5 for design or a 500 word web content is more than a bargain, it is a steal. If you understand value relative to time and effort then you know that someone isn’t going to give you the same level of quality they would give someone who paid standard rates. It is up to the buyer to adjust their expectations and they don’t most of the time.

This is why I realized that it is on us to educate the buyers on this topic, both in forums like this, our gig descriptions, and in our PMs with them.

I am very clear that they can expect good grammar, something written by a native English speaker, and an “article” not “copy” when they pay me $5. I also explain the difference and explain why they’re not getting that level of effort for $5.

I shouldn’t have to, because no buyer goes into Walmart expecting Balenciaga, but I have to.

kahulaanimation said: that looks like a leaf throwing up. All green and weird looking. I'm attaching the design.


Indeed it does look like a leaf throwing up. I am so sorry you are experiencing such trouble. Maybe you can ask the seller to provide some samples of their previous work which should give you an idea if they are offering the type of work you are looking for.


I think he looks like he’s sticking his tongue out but without that I think its fine for $24 which shows the subjective nature of something. I wouldn’t pay $1.98 for a Katy Perry single, but I would pay $10 if someone discovered some unreleased Nirvana songs. Some people like Kim K’s look, other people think her butt’s too big.

Subjective gigs are hard which is why I wouldn’t sell art on Fiverr.

I think that there are some fields where you’re just going to have difficulties because of Fiverr’s protection of the buyers. When you can’t talk to someone on the phone it makes it difficult to understand their creative desires. Think about how important tone is to emails, and “tone” is the essence of creativity.