Harassment or a buyer can do it?


I got an order today and provided a website link for information. After few minutes conversation, the buyer told me that the site is empty and it is a demo site. I requested many times to provide asap accurate info and agreed. After that, I faced an uneasy situation which is below. The buyer sent me these messages.

“add me on sky pe…at gmail dot com” “easier to talk for me…you have my contact–just reach me/? can?”

I explained the Fiverr rules and said sorry. But my confusion is should I do anything here?
Should I wait for order information? OR
Should I make a cancellation? OR
Should I REPORT on Fiverr?

Please give me a suggestion.
Thank you.


I’ll suggest you to Contact Customer support and inform that all. They complete the order and block that buyer account.


Thank you so much. I can’t explain to you, how much mental stress it is.



Yeah I can imagine. It’s Big fear of losing your account and also increase in cancellation rate.

But don’t worry. It’s not your fault.


Tell him it is against the rules to talk on skype and all messages have to be on fiverr.

Wait for order information and forget he said that. He simply did not know the rules.


Yes, informed everything in details. He is also a Fiverr top buyer!


Fiverr top buyer, right?

I also experienced the same thing with one of them. I kindly told her that it’s against the TOS. She agreed to place an order but still hints at me so we can communicate via email, but I always ignore her.

If he persists, contact customer support. No need to stress yourself.


Thank you grace_iyalla.


Nothing just waiting from buyer response & send to buyer reminder.

Incase your timer clock is near to due then deliver order and said to buyer that when you provide me information then i will work for you.

Don’t cancel the 1st order otherwise your ranking is goes down

Let me know if you need any other help



Just tell them to send you voice message of a video on fiverr, that is it :slight_smile:
If you report them, you will loose the order. They may go to other sellers who can call them on skype.
Just deal with it and try to complete the order :slight_smile:
However, if they cause issues for you just contact CS


Wait for the order information and don’t communicate with him outside Fiverr.