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Hard buyers for $5 gigs?

Hi all hope you are doing well :smiley:
I just noticed that there is a relation between “Hard” buyers and low cost gigs in my services.
By “Hard” buyers I mean those who ask for way too many modification, always ask for more, focus on tiny details, and even bad communications.
And by low cost I mean $5 gigs.

So Is it only me or they are really related? I have buyers who pay in $100 and $50, they are cool and very kind. However, those who buy the $5, I feel like they want to squeeze me until that last breath!
They always don’t like it and I had several cancelled orders in the $5 package.
To day I decided to increase the price so no more $5.

Just wondering if anyone hase this type of thing?

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I did the same thing with my logo gig a long time ago. Made the basic package $10, it is a natural progression after a while and when you have some regular customers, but still today some of the most demanding customers are the ones that buy the $10.


Thanks for replying. At least im not alone :smiley:

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I dunno.

When I buy $5 gig, I’m pretty laid back. I’ll make minor adjustments myself.

When I buy $50, $100 or more - I’m pretty brutal & demanding. If I’m paying like $200, I want perfection, therefore don’t feel guilty requesting revision when need arises.


Yes, you’re right.

This stems from the fact that people that pay for orders lower than $15 tend to be the people that want top quality service but can’t afford it. This means that they’ll try to do as much as possible to ensure that they get more than what they paid for.

Those that pay more money are those that aren’t desperate to get extra features because they have the money and will pay for the features if they need them.

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People have different attitudes about money. I know some who spend a lot on gigs are really those who are not wealthy at all but poor. So it’s not about how much money a buyer has but instead it’s about attitude toward money.


Can relate to this though for me its more about what im getting done than the price. If im paying 200 for something that i know will take all day i will be pretty forgiving.

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Yes, I totally agree!