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Hard luck, did not get any review from the client


,…What can I do?


If you give attractive message to the client, you can get a response from Client


Well, what have you already been doing? Start there, and improve upon the hard work you’ve already done – assuming you’ve been doing work to build your business, that is.

What are you doing to build your business?


Only about 70% of purchases have reviews left on Fiverr, so don’t worry about it.

Whatever you do, please don’t annoy the buyer by asking for a review - they’re given plenty of reminders by Fiverr to do so if they wish.

Fingers crossed you get a review the next time! :crossed_fingers:


Getting a review is not too hard. When you deliver the job let them remember about the review. As I say to my client “If you are happy with my service please give me a review. A good review always encourages me to do best.”

Then if he gives a review, I do not forget to give review back. But If not :frowning: I do not ask again. You can follow this. But remember I got 97% review :slight_smile:


Not all customers are going to give a review, but sometimes if they don’t do it automatically, I’ll thank them for their business and remind them to please leave feedback if they have a moment or two.


I work with WordPress.


Do you mean that you have delivered one or more orders, but the buyer(s) didn’t leave review(s), or that you’re not getting any orders?


I have completed my first order but client still in offline from 2 days.


Well, it is the weekend!

Buyers have 30 days to review an order - they might come back and do it. :slightly_smiling_face:


As @offlinehelpers said, it’s the weekend, plus the buyer has 3 days to request a modification, and 30 days to leave a review.

Be patient, and keep in mind that not all buyers leave reviews.


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Consumer reviews are your assets.
Keep working for the best.
You will find the way


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