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Hard Time Securing an Offer

I am new on Fiverr and I have been making so much effort in my attempt to secure an offer but I am yet to land one. Please what am I not doing right? I need an offer like yesterday.


Hi there! Welcome to Fiverr. As a new seller, it takes time to get your first order. In the meantime, put samples of your work on your gig, check out your competitors and what they’re doing, and humble yourself a little. You may have to do your first few orders for less than you’re charging. Build up those reviews, and keep moving upward.


Have some patience. Don’t show your desperation for work to the prospects.


It is always like that from the start. Keep your heads up and I assure you gonna be getting your orders soon.

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First, I think you should change the price you have on your proofreading gig. There are experienced sellers here offering 3000 words for $5; Why would someone order a new seller’s gig at the price you have up? Not saying that you should put your basic price at $5 per 3000 words, as I think that is really low, but you have to look at your competition. Next, your article writing gig description seems like it was written for another purpose. So it would be best to look over your gigs and make changes, until you do, you will continue to have the same issues you do now.

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Thanks so much for this review.
I see sense in what you said.
I will review it as soon as possible.
You have a point.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for this feedback.