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Hard to find a certain gig pls help


Hi I have tried all ways to request for a gig and got the response but it is not what I am looking for.

Can anyone here help me? I am looking for a experienced clickbank seller to help me setup my website as well as top selling products . I wish to earn online passive income with clickbank but its hard for me to do so on my own.

What I am looking for as a complete package

1.Clickbank page setup with hottest selling products
2 SEO and Web traffic to make my page stand out

If anyone knows how to help me please do. As most requests I posted got declined or either the response I got was not related at all


So you want someone else to set all of this up, so you can just sit back and rake in an endless supply of free money? Are you sure you understand how this works? Because I don’t think you do. That may explain why your buyer requests were declined, and no one responded with a serious offer.

Income is not free. You can’t just set up a website, and get rich. There’s a lot more to being in business than that. I recommend that you reassess your business goals, and try looking at those goals from a more realistic perspective. :wink:


I mean thats how clickbank works aint it and further more I am paying 300 or more


Yes, but there is no guarantee of steady passive income. I’m concerned that you may be expecting easy income from the website, and that isn’t likely to happen like you expect.

That being said, though, it is your money. If you make millions out of this, I’ll eat my shoe. :wink:

Good luck.


I worked hard on clickbank but no traffic and my website is not good. So I
am seeking help to do up web + traffic. which i am stuck at. I seen many
Clickbank success but its really hard


Have you looked through the Fiverr category pages to see if someone offers the kind of work you’re looking for?


Yes they do.
Website creation and page link advertising but when i message before
buying no response


Well, that it what it is. If people don’t want to work for you, that is their choice. You can’t force people want to work with you.