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Hard To Trust People and This Site

I place an Order with a seller who not once answers any of my questions or produces the work i ask for. I told him to contact me if he was unsure. Amazing how he couldn’t even get my company name right the music he used would be be copy righted on YouTube. This seller has 98% ratting which I don’t know how.

To make things worse I was researching other animated 3D sellers because the level of service was next to none. I found other sellers with same template introductions I was after and the description of what they do and the wording matches so many other sellers. So I message sellers to get a feel to see if they can produce what I want. I hear nothing back. This whole experience with the people on this site feels like I’m dealing with bots and I’ve lost 100% faith. People who say they speak English clearly do not.

I’m now behind for a deadline I wanted done and I’m very unhappy.

Sorry you have been having a hard time getting what you need. There are some amazing sellers here giving great quality at very low prices but you have to do some work to find them. I buy from Top Rated Sellers who have great feedback and have been here a while. So far it works for me.

You have had some bad experiences and unfortunately there are some categories on here that have more bad sellers than others. The ones I have seen like that include logo design, video intros etc, writing and SEO. The reason for this is quite simple. There are many “Get rich quick” books and courses out there that tell people they can make easy money on Fiverr by using public domain material and templates etc. This leads to people who are clueless about what they are doing and mostly can offer a one-trick-pony. ie. they can enter a couple of words into a generator but after that, if there is something different required they have absolutely no idea what to do.

To solve this, I suggest that you look carefully at the portfolios of the sellers you are considering. Check what they do. Have they done what you want before?
Then contact them. I know some sellers hate this as it wastes time but for those categories, unless someone is obviously brilliant, I would always contact them first. This means that you can explain what you want and they can explain what they will do to make it happen.

On Fiverr, you are not dealing with bots, sometimes I wish they were bots as at least bots act in a logical, predictable manner. You mention that you hear nothing back. Check the sellers response time on their profile. Also, when you have searched for a service, there is an option on the left to show only online sellers. This should help you to at least get a response.

Thank you for the comments guys. I will just have to go through the resolution center.

I guess i will keep trying to find some one.

I’ll suggest you post a request in the right category and asking sample first .
This helps you find the right person .
send them an example you are looking for and again ask them if he is able to create one?

I always provide my clients sample first, They send me all the requirements, text, font, and color scheme and I send them a watermarked image of their work done.

This will help me deliver work on time, high ratings and excellent reviews.

A quick tip is first search sellers check their work samples, contact them before placing an order.