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Hard work bears fruit. (Tips that i use to sell )

Hard working bears fruit as all you know but only when u continue your effort and have faith on you.I got 2 orders in 2 days practically i say i start working on fiver when i got my first order that is 10th of sptember Hurrah !!
Then i realize, yeah it happening now i can do it and i start flowing with fiver. There was a time when I have no guideline i was thinking that fiver is just a name. It waste our time yeah guys it happen when u doesn’t see going well Then someone advice me let join fiver forum. I feel very honour in appreciating everyone who help me and specially for fiver who provide us such a nice platform.
I got my order second day of when i join this forum. I advertise my gig there and yeah i got it. Its real its now happening.
Soon i will give u people the tips through which you definitely got your order. I bet on it untill take care and have a nice day.
Thank you

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Is it okay …

I am very happy for you. I wish you many more success.

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So sweet of you @gina_riley2