Hard Work, Passion and Patience, Pays!


I had almost given up hope. I couldn’t understand why? I applied myself diligently to every single job with passion. I have successfully completed 800 gigs. In over a year with Fiverr, only one buyer has given me a thumbs down, because his banner ad didn’t sell any products via one of my websites. The product was really bad, but one thumbs down is way under my personal standards. I actually never slept for 3 nights, wondering how to solve the problem. Until I finally gave up, realizing that the bad product was not my fault.

This however plagued me in another way. My dilemma was why Fiverr hadn’t moved me to Top Seller status yet? I moved from Level 1 to Level 2 fairly quickly. Yet thereafter I was stuck in limbo as I watched newer sellers with fewer sales go to Top Seller status. I was really worried that the one and only thumbs down (which I honestly did not deserve) was holding me back.

Finally I gave up hope and bridled my emotions and aspirations. I figured that, the real reason I was here is that Fiverr gives me the opportunity to apply my passion on a daily basis, while helping independent music artists achieve greater popularity and credibility. To cap it all, I get to earn some decent cash along the way. No other platform similar to Fiverr allows you to achieve this, believe me. I’ve tried them all.

So I looked at it this way. With Fiverr I can have my cake and eat all at the same time! And if ever the Top Seller Status came along, it would be the final succulent cherry on top…

Well exactly 30 minutes ago. I got the final cherry on top! Top Seller Status!

Once again proving that hard work, passion…and a whole lot of patience, pays in the end!

A BIG thanks to Fivver staff who have just made my day, and an even BIGGER thanks to all those buyers who daily put their faith in my work. This is just to remind you, that I don’t see this as a point of arrival, but only a new beginning…


Congratulations jammer2 ^___^


Jammer that is awesome news.

I am so glad to hear that you found your passion :slight_smile:

And get paid doing it too ^^

It’s the best feeling in the world isn’t it?


Congrats!!! Glad to hear!

Hopefully I get some sales it’s been slowing down for me. :slight_smile:


BRavo! Congrats! I will deal with soon



Thats awsome!!! Congratulations!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff welcome to the big leagues !


Many Congratulations. Your story inspired me. :slight_smile:


In my moment of excitement, I obviously forgot to mention, that along the way I’ve made contact with some of the nicest people too! The above comments from all of you is further proof! Thanks to you all!!!