Hardly anyone searching for services


This is just a quick survey.
My sales on Fiverr have dropped off to almost non existent, The sales have been dropping for about 6 months. Where I used to do between 10-20 jobs per day, at the moment I am doing 2 jobs per day on average, Ive just been through 3 days without a single job. I took a look at my analytics and it seems like hardly anyone is searching for voiceovers, the figure is about 10% of what it used to be.
Is it just me (have I upset the powers that be and they are keeping me out of the searches) or does it seem like Fiverr is dying?


I see the same ebb and flow I always have. Some weeks are busy, some are not. No sign of Fiverr death for me, but some sellers will drop away with the ongoing new competition.


If it was just sales I would agree with you but its searches that are 10% of what they normally are, and as a result all sales are down


Perhaps the search issue is competition or editorial focus. Search has always been dicey for me, too, so I haven’t seen a change personally.


unfortunately he is right … Last week I was getting constantly 10-15 messages a day … from those I usually got 5-8 orders… Absolutely no one wrote in the past 48 hours


You are right. I hardly receive message let alone an order these days. I constantly check my gig and it appears on front page yet no single order or message in the last 48 hours.


I have 4 gigs on the first page… one of them on the first row in my category …


I’ll tell you what’s going on Mike.
After their advertising campain showing a woman getting an order on her laptop, standing up and immediatly recording a voice over In her living room.
Now every Tom Dick And Harry with a Blue Yetti and zero reading/processing skills are moving to the top of the search engine. No doubt first time buyers seeing the same campaign went on Fiverr got their voice over and thought “wow this sucks” never to return again.
Meanwhile, that nano second of purchasing decision making was not there for you because of this.
:smile::crazy_face::slightly_frowning_face::sob:.Keep it together buddy , hopefully something will change. I’m getting the same thing