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Hardware Gigs(Raspberry Pi and Arduino)


Any Raspberry Pi and Arduino developer here?
Actually, I have two hardware related gigs, one for Raspberry Pi and one for Arduino. The problem I am facing is, despite of having five-star ratings and good review, I am not getting any order from 1st of March. Is there anyone with the same problem?


Smells like gig promotion to me.

(But now that you’ve directly prompted me to see your gigs… “liked” for further reference. I might need this some time :slight_smile: )


Gaps in orders aren’t unusual and it doesn’t look like you were getting orders every day anyway. Wait it out.

Also, links to gigs should be placed in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ forum category. If you’d like to leave the conversation part in the conversation category, can you remove the gig links, please?