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Hardwork + Dedication = Welcome to Level 2 :)

For all those who are facing difficulties to settle here, I am going to share my very own personal experience of how I just received Level 2 on Fiverr. It is true that like many others, I also lost hope here because I was not getting orders. There was a time when I even left paying attention to this network. The biggest turning point for me was a friend of mine who guided me properly and believed on my skills and talent. When I came back to Fiverr after a very long time, I updated my gigs info according to my talent and requirements. Getting level 1 was a big milestone for me but this also created more interest in me to achieve level 2 and unlock new horizons. I worked hard day and night, respected and appreciated each and every client of mine and Believe me that after coming back to Fiverr, in less than a month, I received my level 2 status here. From Zero to Level 2 in less than a month sounds impossible but everything is possible if you want to do something with proper goals in mind. Pure dedication and hardwork was the key but most important was the Execution with intelligence :slight_smile: From my time to nothing at fiverr and now a level 2, I have learned a lot of how to deal with clients and what professional ethics really mean :slight_smile: I did lose hope and left fiverr when I was not getting success here but I never stopped doing hardwork :slight_smile: You all can be successful, just be straight forward with every client and always do the work in which you are talented plus never compromise on the Quality :slight_smile: Tip:- Giving your client more than what he expects/needs can never harm you in any way, it helps to develop a long lasting relation worth client(s). Never ever lose hope in yourself, life is full of challenges but you have to tackle them intelligently :slight_smile: Even the word Impossible says I M POSSIBLE :slight_smile: Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Super Story and advice. Good Luck.

very well said… even i got demotivated once but thanks to wonderful people like you … Iam more determined now …

Well done you! Very inspiring!

I really do like reading posts like these over those posts that complain that they never get any sales! Congrats and I wish you the best!!! =)

Exactly, hard work means giving even more that what a client would expect from you to give for the basic gig’s money and also dedication means never compromising and also keeping a good balance in both quality and quantity. Well done because sellers like you really deserve being at the Top!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Good keep it up! :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you man.



I have same problem

Great story! Very inspiring! I might write my own level 2 story :slight_smile: