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Has anyone had an issue with a gig being so late, that you are forced to cancel? only to be harassed by a member and they leave a negative review of a book on amazon?


What I think you are saying is: you purchased a Gig, the seller didn’t deliver, so you were given the option to cancel which reflected poorly on their feedback, and in retaliation, the seller went to your Amazon book page and gave a poor review to get back at you?

If I got that right, you should write to Customer Support and submit proof of such claim as that is not allowed here.

What sort of Gig did you buy from this seller that they did not deliver on?



yes that is quite correct. I have already written to customer support in the hope that this issue will be resolved… It was a book review. and many days late, I waited as long as I could. Then the threats came… Not a nice experience… Thanks for the comment, BTW.



why would someone buy a book review?? rhetorical question, please no one answer.


It wasn’t for me, but for a friend… a brand new book, I suppose its just one of those thing… anyway…still harassed! that was the whole point of the comment


whether or not you Buy a review for a book /product or not, its up to the person, and definitely not up to the seller to harras! at all…


@customrapsongs its like someone listening to one of your “rap” songs and giving you a review of whether its good or not… same with books, to get a book into the public eye, sometimes you have to ask for reviews. simple really… Product reviews are always good, if they are honest.

customrapsongs said: rhetorical question, please no one answer