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Harrassing Messages

I have a buyer that has messaged me 90+ times in the last hour demanding a refund. Is there any way to block them from blowing up my inbox?

Well why do they want a refund? Customer Support though, 90+ an hour is a stroll thru Crazytown.

In addition to contacting customer support you could try using the REPORT button.
How large an order was it? Did you deliver the order yet?

client wants a refund so I guess it was

Maybe. If it was one of those “I accidentally pushed the order button” it could go either way!

I did have a non-client who ordered a PR on the 8th–yesterday they sent me a cancellation request saying “I do not have an idea for a PR”. I accepted the cancellation, of course. But seriously?

I once ordered accidentally when I had an unwanted custom order. I was in my email and clicked the order now! button thinking it would take me to another page.

It seems QuickFastMoneyMe was on, because I then had an order paid for with 24h delivery for 40000 FB followers. Obviously, I went to cancel and apologized for the cock-up, but they declined it.

They accepted my cancellation when I threatened to share my experience with Customer Support though.

That guy was an idiot. So there’s a story from both sides of the line!

Hit the report button it’s in the bottom right hand corner under their message, should block them and stop them from sending you anything further but I say should because it doesn’t always work! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve ordered by accident too and I hate that it’s that easy. I don’t think it’s good for buyers or sellers since 99% of the time it ends in bad feelings and cancellations.

When I did it I had a Fiverr balance and just wanted to see something about the gig and had no desire to order it at all. I clicked on the button thinking it would let me confirm and it placed a $5 order for business cards that I didn’t need or want. The guy responded instantly with great joy at my order and wanted me to send my logo.

His requirements weren’t set to mandatory, so the clock was already running on a 24 hour timer! I felt bad so I decided to let him just keep it. I didn’t have a logo that was in vector format either, so I had nothing to send him. He was afraid to delivery me a dummy delivery, so I just asked him to make me a card that said “Fonthaunt” and my Fiverr profile URL.

He was disappointed and really wanted to design me something great so I wasn’t really sorry I gave him $5, but it rattled us both. I gave him an excellent review for it just for the trouble he went to!

Why not just tell him to click the resolution center and start the process? Or do it for him?

Look, some buyers don’t appreciate your work, they think you’re just doing this for fun and that money isn’t an issue. Today I had a guy who made a $30 order, he could have spent $5 but he paid $20 for one-day delivery, and a $5 pre-order tip. I thought that guy was going to be great, but he wasn’t. As soon as I deliver he tells me that he wants me to write the LinkedIn Summary in chronological order, which I did, except that I mentioned his education first and then his work experience. He also wanted me to follow some summary samples he sent me. There’s nothing I dislike more than being asked to write like someone else.

I didn’t revise, I delivered nothing but my explanation of what I do for LinkedIn summaries. Then he threatens me that if I don’t revise, he’s going to give me a bad review. Well, I decided to refund the order. I hate losing $30, but why fight it? He can always write Fiverr and end up getting a refund, he can go to PayPal and do a chargeback. Just refund him, and get him out of your way. Or write to customer service.

Also, I: Perforce 3dmax render transactions for a client, but the suspension of the session do not see answered :frowning:

Sometimes,i encounter with such clients.Always press the report button,to get them banned.

I agree that there should be a confirmation page. It’s too easy to hit that green button and instantly you have placed an order.

I came here to find a good way in dealing with such harassing comments/buyers and went on to your profiles. It was truly satisfying to read your feedback “you dirty liar…” in response to those 1 star reviewers.
I was cheering you like… "yeaaah that’s right, that’s how you say it "
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @tjsantillo, you did not tell us what happened, you just want us to give you a solution to what we know nothing about, can you please tell us what happen and we will gladly offer our genuine advise.


Haha…I read the negative reviews on your Gigs for the first time…LOL…loved your responses to them…you know how to turn even a negative review into a positive. You have great pride in your work, and this comes through the responses.

After reading this, I then looked at your responses to see what others were talking about and you did indeed give some great responses. Were these $5 buyers by any chance?

How about just giving them a refund, and giving the problem a resolution?