Has a buyer left a (wrongfully) bad review on your order? Share it here


My story.

It’s simple. I offer a gig where I interact on your website for 3 days for $5 whether its posting replies to your blog or just livening up conversation through a facebook page.

My gig specifics say that I’ll interact at least once every 72 hours. (or once every 3 days).

This allows for people who dont make content every day to still get more interaction from me on what they do post since last time I was on their page. I often do my postings every other day (or every 48 hours) so in case I have to miss a day due to personal reasons , I have that 3rd day to get on and post.

Now … what happened was a buyer got upset that I was not posting every single day on his page and left a bad order. If you look at my gig you will clearly see that I state how I post once every 72 hours minimum and was clearly within the rules for this client.

However , fiverr support will not remove his bad rating even though he clearly misunderstood what he bought.

And this problem is happening very often on fiverr.

Do you have something similar to share? Is this right in your opinion? How would this make you feel?

Do you feel that sellers are being treated fairly here? I’d love your feedback. I’m trying to make a better business change here on fiverr and I’m using sane logic.


Followup: The response I got from the fiverr team was

"Buyers have the right to place a review and we will allow them that ability."

This even means that if the buyer doesnt understand what you buy and left a bad rating. Its okay because fiverr will allow them that ability.

Sellers take the shaft. What do you think?



my gig is the same for every user!

I cannot stand the fact that we cant contest feedback that says negative things that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT WE OFFER!

My gig states clearly what it does and does not do. Still, people just cant read.


While I can’t speak to katiecakez’s issue, at least with you zarklon, I think the title of your gig is misleading, and that’s where this buyer had an issue. Sure, he should have read the description and seen that it says those three days might not be consecutive, but because your gig title is “interact for three days,” people are going to expect interaction for three days. I’m not saying it’s okay, or that CS isn’t just plain wrong for allowing irrelevant negative feedback to remain, I’m just saying it’s a little confusing, especially because we know, as sellers, that not all buyers bother to read the gig description.


“Sure, he should have read the description and seen that it says those three days might not be consecutive” – Case closed. People should read. It also explains it very very clearly in the intro video.

Main point still stands . We should not be held accountable if people can’t or choose not to read. Have you watched my intro video to the gig Emason?

And if they allowed us more characters in the gig title then maybe I’d be able to explain it better but then again , and as you just said , it explains it in the description of the gig.

Honestly I dont see why its misleading. 3 days is 3 days. . Where do people get “consecutive” from that. And besides , this guy didnt even post content every day to his page… So the only thing I could have done was reply to very old content and in my opinion , that would not be satisfactory work to pay for. In fact it works better the longer I wait anyway… Its actually A BONUS to the client if I DONT post consecutively. It gives them time to add more content… Which means I’ll respond to more content. And the more content I Respond to , the more times it gets shared to my timeline on facebook for others to see.

Bottom line is , I’ve tweaked the gig for several months now to offer the best working system and bang for their buck. Its really unfair that fiverr’s support team lets them leave bad feedback if they are trying to get something other than what the gig offers.

I have tried several ways of explaining each and every gig I offer and the fact is , people can’t comprehend what they read to the point where I have less than 100% rating and there is nothing I can do about it. Safe to say I’m working my way off the site at this point.

Does anyone else feel like my facebook posting gig is misleading ? But before you answer , you need to watch the video and read the description. After all ,thats what you should do before purchasing ANY gig.


By the way Katie , I saw your gig and you are in the same boat I’m in. Your buyer did the same thing to you as mine did to my gig. You did not offer guaranteed views to his video. And again its pretty dumb the staff doesnt remove your bad review as well.

Sellers get the shaft… I dont know how many times I’ve typed that in these forums but its so true.


Reply to @zarklon: My first issue is…if you deliver in just 2 days, how is the buyer assured that your “delivery” is complete?

I think the problem here is the wording being left open to interpretation. The buyer should have contacted you if they listened to the video. But let’s suppose they didn’t or couldn’t watch it prior to ordering. Then what? Why are the gig title and gig description not congruent with the video?

A conscientious buyer would have watched the video and asked about the inconsistency. But please, do not leave it up to the buyer/customer to interpret which service to believe - the one stated in the video or the one written in the gig title or the description. The natural thought when you hear, for example, I will watch your pets for you for 3 days is usually NOT taken as I will watch your pets on 3 separate occasions, each lasting a day. Usually you’d think, 3 days in a row. Yet your gig title implies the latter and not the former. Perhaps changing it to “3 or more times” or “on 3 different days” or “at least 3 times for a week”, etc. Anything but “for 3 days”.

As you can see, buyers don’t always read the description clearly or watch the video. There is no way to stop this. We all just have to grit our teeth. However, you can better protect yourself by being abundantly clear. :slight_smile:


Reply to @zarklon: Of course we sellers should not be held accountable for the mistakes of buyers. It’s outrageous and every time I see my cancellation ratio tick up b/c a buyer refuses to read a description, I, too, get angry. I didn’t mean to offend.

I have not watched your intro video…I didn’t say the whole gig is misleading, I said the title is misleading. The description, and I’m sure you video, is very clear. Like I said, if he had read the description, he wouldn’t be confused and therefore wouldn’t have left bad feedback. I was just trying to alert you to the fact that I, as an objective third party, read the title first and thought, “Oh, that does sound like he would interact with a page for three days in a row…” in the same way that people say, “I will be gone for three days,” or “This will last for five hours.” It’s implied.

So it’s not completely outrageous that when a buyer doesn’t bother to read the gig description, he is misinformed and unjustifiably upset that your service didn’t meet his self-imposed expectations. I’m definitely not trying to defend the guy, I was just saying that no matter how clear and direct you try to be, there is always going to be someone who misunderstands and then blames you for a bad transaction, so it’s best not leave any cloudiness at all, so that CS can’t turn it back on us as sellers.

Basically ditto what cheezees said.


Reply to @cheezees: If you are spending money , you would only be the smarter person if you watch the video. If you can’t or choose not to then that is not my problem. And my gig description is just fine.

“I will interact with people on your FACEBOOK page for 3 days to get people talking for $5” - and the text therein says WHAT YOU GET FOR $5

  • "Interaction from me to your members for 3 days (not always consecutively)"

    That is it. Sometimes I get on every day and post , sometimes I dont. I give myself 72 hours minimum (in the video). But still , that only means that if I waited 10 days between interacting then I’m still covered by simply saying it’s not always consecutive. If you wanna get technical. But if you can’t understand my gig AFTER watching the video AND reading the description , honestly you should not have the ability to leave feedback because I had a 3yr old in mind when I make all my gigs… Seriously , If you are going to spend money , unless you are rich , you should at least watch the video of someones gig plain and simple. Is that too much to ask? I spent a lot of time on the video’s script. I do videos for a living… I write scripts for a living … If you dont watch the video , its your problem. My text alone leaves me even more leeway if you didnt watch the video.

    And about the delivery date. Its a risk they are taking. But after reading all my reviews , I look like I’m trusted enough because I am. I’ve had several $75 orders for me to use 2X accounts to post on a page. And even though they think they’re getting 30 days of interaction , I have a bunch of clients that are still getting interaction from me 68 days or so later because I DONT post consecutively. If I did , I would NOT BE ABLE to post on MANY of their pages because people don’t put content on their facebook page every day… The reasoning makes sense if you understand that theory behind it.

    But yes its a risk they take and they love my gig.

    And my only defense in why I dont have more explanation of my gig is because Fiverr does not allow more than XX amount of words in the stupid thing. That is a very dumb decision and I’m sure its to make it harder for people to keyword stuff it… But still , this is a result of that limitation. If I could type my gig up like I wanted I’d probably have double the text… There are still things I want to say in it but I’ve run out of characters. Again , fiverr’s problem…

    And Emason , I took no offense in your last message. TO answer why I say “I will interact for 3 days” is because it sounds way better than “3 times” or “3 separate occasions” … Because after all , its 3 days… And the description is “not always consecutively” I’m the first person to over analyze but again , we are limited on the text we have in that box as well so… =/

    I’ve had well over 200 orders and the 3 negative reviews are one from that guy and the other 2 people who ordered from me the day I got sick and spend 2 days offline almost completely. So it was really all bad timing. I’m not upset about the 2 impatient people… but at the same time they didnt even send a message … people like that drive me crazy here on fiverr too really.

    Bottom line is , if they would allow us more text to type at least this issue will be resolved because I’m an extreeeeeemely detail oriented person. .I have a very hard time making any text shorter and concise … I like to fully explain everything when possible especially when outlining a service I’m selling. 1200 words or whatever is way too short to get any real business done or explained. Therefore we have a video … and this guy obviously didnt watch it … And I get burned…

    Its just not right. Whats worse is customer service doesnt fix the rating. bad business… bad bad business…


Once that stands out in my mind. It was when I was having a ton of ‘very late’ gigs. I was sending articles before marking the order as complete so people got something. I got to about the 16th article and the guy cancelled (despite saying he would not). He then refused to have the negative feedback for late delivery removed (although I ended up getting it removed). The thing is, he bought a $5.00 gig after this just to leave negative feedback about the speed of my service. As you can probably guess, that got removed as well. His host then got a nice little letter from me saying that he had stolen the articles and if action was not taken to take his site down then I would need to take legal action. Those articles he stole were gone within about 12 hours.


Sorry Zarklon, but I don’t see anything in your description that talks about every 72 hours.

Just this:

"What I do with this gig is PERSONALLY interact with your website whether it is a facebook page , fanpage , blog , forum , or anything else for 3 days."

I suspect that I might have thought the same as your buyer.

[EDIT] OK I see the qualifying statement about consecutive days after rereading it. But in 2 prominent places it just says 3 days.

zarklon said: unless you are rich , you should at least watch the video of someones gig plain and simple. Is that too much to ask?

Yes, it is too much to ask! People do not take the time to read, they just don't; not here, not on social media, not even in direct email. It's your job to be precise and direct in your description if you don't want misunderstandings. A person spends about 3 seconds on a web page before acting on it. That means you have 3 seconds to explain you gig. That's just how it is. You can't force people to pay attention and you can't force them to interpret anything. I get that you're frustrated, but the feedback you got on this thread shouldn't make you angry, it should help. Regardless of whether you understand your description, you have to make sure potential buyers do. You don't need more than 1200 (whatever) words, you should be aiming to get your point across in about 150 words! Internet marketing basics, about 3 seconds, and people don't bother to scroll.

If you personally have trouble being brief in your descriptions, ask someone to help.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Yes, it is too much to ask! People do not take the time to read, they just don’t; not here, not on social media, not even in direct email. It’s your job to be precise and direct in your description if you don’t want misunderstandings.

Look , I cant help if if people are stupid. The point of this thread is not to get all caught up with whether or not people can understand my gig. You’d have to be retarded to not figure it out after watching both the video and reading my gig description.

If you choose to only do one or the other. I should not be held responsible for your ignorance. I dont give a crap your reasoning for not watching the video or reading my gig… Its a requirement before purchasing from me and its so that you understand fully what you are purchasing. People are dumb enough in this world and especially on fiverr.

I’m just saying , if you expect a red cup and the seller is selling blue cups in his gig… You shouldn’t be allowed to leave a bad rating if you got a blue cup.

This is what happened to me. Understanding my gig is not a problem. IF you watch the video and read the gig and still have questions about what I do then you have a problem in your brain. IF you choose not to watch the video before buying a gig , then you are dumb. If you choose to only watch the video and not read the gig description , you are also fitting into that very dumb category. Personally if you dont want to watch the video I spent tons of time to make then screw off , I wish that could be the first thing customers see when they hit my gig… A big popup that says just that… Watch my video fully or dont buy this gig! But I cant , cause this is fiverr and we are limited in what we can do with our sales page. At best the staff should see that this buyer did not take the time to watch my video or he would understand fully that its not a 3 day consecutive gig … if he read that in my gig description he would also understand it . Choosing not to do either is NOT MY PROBLEM.

Jesus christ people… its not hard to understand.


I know this has been covered already, but would be interested to know in a bit more depth. Why do you have just a one day delivery time? I mean, surely that is a little unfair? Once it has been delivered that is it. It is possible that you could ‘scam’ people out of actually doing any work (I am not saying you will but it is a possibility in the minds of the customer :o) so it does intrigue me. Why the one day and not ten or something? This way you could mark complete when the work has actually been done in most cases, not a minimum of two days before completion.


I agree with @ryangillam. Why is your delivery only 2 days, yet you post on 3 separate occasions that are not consecutive? You are delivering BEFORE completing the gig, so obviously some buyers might think you are done interacting on their page, when in actuality, you are not. You are misleading customers. Your delivery time should be set until when you are actually done with the whole gig.

You have no business calling people “stupid” when your gig title is misleading, and your delivery time is set for when you are not even done with the order. If you were smart, you would take everyone’s comments in and realize that you have some re-wording to do.


Reply to @alliemadison12: He’d rather insult. That is clear. I addressed those same issues in my post. Be clearer with the gig title and address the 2 day delivery time. Buyers read the forum posts too.


It’s simple, you can either do what it takes to make buyers understand and get on with selling, or you can keep being angry and spend your time complaining instead of making money. Entirely up to you.

zarklon said: I wish that could be the first thing customers see when they hit my gig.. A big popup that says just that.. Watch my video fully or dont buy this gig! But I cant , cause this is fiverr and we are limited in what we can do with our sales page

Again, instead of whining, why don't you just re-do your video and start it off with a full-screen that says to read the full description and watch the video before ordering?


Is there any way to contact fiverr guys about an unwarranted bad review and threatening but the buyer ?


Reply to @ryangillam: Simple, I complete new orders on the first day. I’m sure the customer has that question of “Scam” in their mind until they read the reviews below. I also have it set for express delivery to give my gig an option of showing up closer to the top when the express tab is selected in the search. It also ensures I get paid sooner rather than later. Luckily noone has a problem with it.

alliemadison12: If I didnt complete the gig on day1. I would end up completing orders sometimes months after the order. And hey , I gotta pay the bills. They know very well that it will be completed IF they read the gig description OR watch the video. Ground covered , reasons are therein. Its not an issue in the slightest.

Cheezeez: Bublubluble Blublubblub

itsyourthing: If my main problem is people possibly not watching the video. You tell me how thats improving anything?

What I’m saying is , all of my information is spelled out for a 3yr old in the description. If you are below 3yrs of age , or are lazy , or cant read at all, you have the option of having it read to you by my video with included details for any answering other possible question about my gig.

The original problem is that people dont read or watch the videos and get to leave stupid feedback on our gigs because they don’t have the IQ it requires to understand what they have just purchased. There is no question about what I offer if you watch my video or read my gig. Boy … people can be pretty thick around these parts eh…

harryneo: Dont bother , they will just reply with “We allow buyers to leave their ratings on a seller’s page” – They dont care how wrong the seller is.

Again - Sellers get the shaft.

PS: It also seems that other sellers support ignorant buyers. When the whole point of this thread is to ask for some kind of protection from these buyers. You are all either not doing the kind of business I’m doing here on fiverr or you are selling something simple that doesn’t require having to ever talk to your buyers beforehand.

Once you end up dealing with more buyers , you’ll get the headache that I have.


Reply to @zarklon: It is not the buyers who are ignorant. It is YOU. You are ridiculously stubborn and we all tried to help you.

We all need to pay the bills, but you don’t see anyone else around here completing the gig BEFORE delivering.

I’m done trying to help. You are handling this situation very unprofessionally, and your comment to @Cheezeez was particularly disturbing.

Good luck to you!