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Has Any Of You Faced All These Bugs?


Alright, let’s get into the point because this is serious.

I am quite disappointed that a website as big as Fiverr has issues such as the ones I am going to list soon, and the reason I am posting this here is because support hasn’t been able to do much to fix them. They actually closed one of my tickets without even replying :confused:

Let me know if YOU have also faced these bugs, or similar ones.

For me, these issues are unacceptable.


Just look at the attached screenshot. The system says the description is over 1700 characters, when the allowed limit is 1200. What is more, another notification indicates that the description I am using is not even 120 characters long. The reality is that the length of the description before that screenshot was taken had been 1180 characters.


When I search for ANY “amazon” related keyword, our best-selling gig that has been reviewed by almost 3000 people does not show up under the “relevance” filter.

The gig is optimized, all fields have been used and there are relevant keywords in the title and description. That gig used to show up on 1st page, 1st result. Over a span of 6+ months, it has never ever lost that spot.

Well, I tried to use the “AVG.customer review” filter and our gig showed up eventually on page no4:

Is that possible?

I mean, how can you filter the results by “average number of reviews”, and the gig that has the MOST reviews shows up on page 4?

My assumption is that the gig is not indexed properly due to Bug No1. The description is not indexed, thus the gig does not show up.

Obviously, this is costing money…Lots of money…We are a team of 10, so things like these put our business in jeopardy.

The funny thing is that when I told support about this, I got a reply that clearly shows the person who replied didn’t pay attention to my request at all:


Our response time went down to 90-92% several times, and support was updated it to 100% several times.

All messages were being answered in a matter of hours or minutes, yet the response rate kept going down and the “warning timer” kept showing up.

Eventually, some support member “attempted a fix” on our account and that was resolved. We had not been given more specific details though, regarding what caused the issue and how it was fixed.

Coincidentally, when support “attempted the fix”, that was when BUGS #1 and #2 showed up.


How unprofessional could a buyer consider you, if they received requirements that made no logical sense?

Well, it had been happening to us for 2-3 weeks. Instead of waiting for support to find a solution fast, we simply had to change our requirements.

No big deal?

Oh, you bet it was…Either way, we shouldn’t have been forced to change the text just to get rid of this technical issue.


Alright, here is where the painful story ends. These are just some of the issues we have faced lately, there are a couple more.

I am curious to see if any of these (or anything else) has happened to others in our community.

Any solutions?


If you are experiencing site problems, report them to Customer Support. There is nothing that we can do to fix them here on the forums.


I had issues with #3 but they have fixed it 2 times for me already, hopefully I won’t have to deal with it again because I feel like I’m being annoying asking to get it fixed-- but it sucks it is unreliable in the first place. For #4, I had an issue for months, I tried everything… a few weeks ago I finally re-typed and saved each page of my main gig and it FINALLY corrected itself. Some weird idiosyncrasy going on there… I wanted to pull my hair out seeing that " (optional) " thing… because IT IS ANYTHING BUT OPTIONAL! Anyways, I hope there is a resolve for this, perhaps make sure this posted in the ‘report a bug’ category too, in the off chance one of the site engineers takes a look at it.


Calculator for GIG DESCRIPTION length isn’t working properly. Just try to save the gig anyway.

What is your average score for that gig? If you sort it by Avg. Customer Review then gigs with smaller number of orders, but with higher Avg. Customer Review will come before you. I don’t know if Fiverr has some algorithm that enables gigs with very little order to rank after those with lots of orders and reviews.

I don’t know about number 3 and 4.