Has anybody asked a certain buyer NOT to contact/order gigs from you anymore?


I am quite sure that I will be sounding pretty mean here, but what the heck, I’ll let it out.

I had this certain buyer who was by all means very nice, this person was NOT rude or offensive in anyway,

liked my work very much, and bought a lot of my gigs.

I can 't really explain it well, and this is quite frustrating, but even though he was nice, there was just

something about him that was demanding and pushy in this certain way.

I know, I’m not doing a really good job explaining.

It got quite stressful, but since this person was buying a lot of gigs, I couldn’t really

complain. After all, he wasn’t doing anything bad or wrong. However at one point, I really started to get stressed everytime I saw this buyer’s name in the “manage gig” box. Of course, if I really was feeling that stressed, all I had to do was maybe ask for a mutual cancelation, but since there really wasn’t a good way of explaining what exactly was stressing me out, I just kept working on his gigs. It did reach a point where he DID become too demanding for me, and I begged him to stop ordering from me.

Good thing was, he did. I still can’t quite explain his “pushy-ness” ( I know, there is no such word! )

but as much as I did feel bad, I was glad that he stopped ordering from me.

Then recently another buyer appeared, and now I am having a similar problem.

Again, this person has said or done nothing bad/rude/inappropriate, but again it’s this

"certain" pushy-ness. And again, everytime I see this person’s name ( he has ordered from me more than 10 times) I feel pretty darn stressed. I really want to ask him to stop contacting me once I finish and deliver the image I am working on.

I am aware that I am sounding unprofessional here, I know I should treat all buyers nicely and

equally, and I know that saying something like "Excuse me, I can’t quite explain why, but I feel you are being

too pushy even though you have said or done nothing wrong, but can you please stop buying from me?"

sounds like absolute BS.

has anyone actually asked a buyer to stop ordering from them for a reason you can’t quite explain???

I feel so strange and stupid typing this. Seriously, this guy has done nothing wrong!

Can you block a buyer for such unclear reason???


I did have a buyer that I asked not to purchase my gig. He sent an inquiry. It was obvious English was not his first language. I sent him back a lengthy message answering his question. In his reply back, he was kind of rude. Besides, he still didn’t understand. Instead of him just saying he doesn’t understand, he was bolding(yelling) that I did not answer his question. I googled his name and found that he had purchased many gigs on Fiverr. I looked at the results, and in most transactions he had left negative feedback. My impression was that he was oftentimes leaving a negative, because he didn’t even understand what the gig was offering. So yes…


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If a buyer was respectful to me, left me positive feedback, and ordered from me consistently, I would certainly not request that the buyer “not” order from me.

Being on Fiverr for more than a year and having a myraid of experiences, when I have GOOD and LOYAL buyers I return the favor by over delivering (when I am able to).

Buyers are the lifeline to Fiverr, and Fiverr’s Levels reward us for delivering excellent service consistently. Without both, Fiverr wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is. If the buyer is spending money on you frequently, it is because they respect, like and cherish your work. You never know where the work you’re completing is going to end up.

Fiverr is a blessing to all of us who participate and who knows what doors working successfully on Fiverr will open.

If I am stressed out with too many orders, I pause my gigs or if they contact me first, request that Buyers compensate me appropriately (i.e. multiple orders) if the work they’re requesting is in line with, but a bit beyond the scope of what my gig advertises here on Fiverr.


IMHO, This happens if you don’t feel as good about your job anymore due to maybe the rising demand and effort needed to cover it up while you don’t get the raise in your income/pricing/value to get you motivated. Maybe??

For me it’s all about getting motivated, it’s not always the money and if you find certain buyers “pushy” and “demanding” you have to get yourself motivated enough to do the job. One way is to simply by charging a bit more or if it gets too stressful you can always set longer timeline to give yourself more space and comfort in doing the job.

Never ever ask your buyer to stop ordering from you, there is a better way. If I find certain buyer stressing me out I usually quote very high or high enough to fend him/her off but if the buyer decides to work with me I am happy instead of being stressful because I get extra income. Who doesn’t love extra income? :slight_smile: I know this sounds mean but this is the best way to help and benefit both seller and buyer.


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Good post Hellographic. I worked with one artist on here who initially set $20 because of the details I asked for in a drawing and went ahead and purchased a multiple of 4 gigs ($20). He then requested $55 the next time I ordered because of the work involved on the previous project and promised unlimited revisions. I went ahead and purchased 11 gigs. I didn’t need to ask for any revisions :slight_smile: (never needed to in the first place either. His work was THAT good).

Why did I purchase 11 gigs from him? The buyer deserved it! I valued his work and the quality of his work was outstanding, so I decided to work with him (the drawing I requested was a little more than he normally does). As long as the price is reasonable I have no issue working with a seller. As I am an artist and Fiverr seller myself, I do the stress that can come with doing work. However it is an AWESOME stress because Fiverr allows me to do what I love.

Fiverr has opened many doors for me, so I won’t close a door because you don’t know where that entrance could have lead!


This hasn’t happened yet with a few of my regulars but if they got pushy or demanding I probably would kindly tell them to go punt. I like my regular customers and I get paid pretty good by each of them.


Wow, I typed this ranting before I went to sleep, I wake up and there are many


I also got 2 extra messages from the same buyer guy

( well, I’m not even sure if it’s a guy! :stuck_out_tongue: ) just this morning asking for more changes along with other things he wanted to point out ( and again, this person was not being rude or anything), and I think I might have reached my limit.

He was asking very nicely and was very detailed and I got his point very clearly, but his message was veeeery looooooooong. I get the feeling that he got all excited as

he was typing and ended up with all of those details maybe???

I think Hellographic made a good point, I think I will just go ahead and charge a

bit more. Asking for this does make me feel guilty and this again stresses me a bit but

I guess it’s worth asking. Motivation is important like Hellographic mentioned, if I do feel like I need it, I will ask for a certain raise. If the buyer gets upset, I won’t feel good about it, but I can live with it. If I can say so myself, I do have enough buyers at this point, losing one buyer is not that much of a problem.

Thx for your comments everyone!!!


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “firing” a customer, its done in other venues all the time, the real trick is to make the break-up amiable. I’m guilty of directing some of my more difficult clients to my friends/competitors (same people) when I just don’t want to carry on a business relationship with them anymore (the clients, not my friends.)

That being said, if you find it happens too much then you may need to be more assertive with your limits. Sometimes it only takes me 5 minutes to make major edits in php, but that doesn’t mean someone can call my personal phone in the middle of the night and even nicely ask that I do it right now. True story.


@zeus777 I know that this may be an unpopular opinion, but I want to talk about the possibility of it being an issue with your frame of mind and not the buyer.

I completely understand those buyers that give you a feeling of uneasiness. I encountered that quite a lot when I started freelancing.

However, after I attended a seminar that explain the different types of buyers, I realized the problem was with me.

I was taking their tone and inflection personally. Could this be what’s happening with you?

Sometimes, it’s hard to truly draw a bold line between our professional image and our personal selves (especially when the work we do is deeply personal).

If you keep encountering situations like this, consider taking a moment to think about it logically. Could you simply be reading the buyer’s messages wrong? Is it possible that they’re very friendly people who happened to order while they’re having a bad day?

Good luck - I hope that you saw this post for what I intended it to be. It’s definitely not inflammatory in any way! Just trying to help a fellow Fiverr-er. :slight_smile: