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Has anybody done coaching for another Fiverr seller?

Just recently I hired a designer for a quick mascot logo and I was surprised to see how few sales he has made during the last 6 months. Based on the work he did and his portfolio (which isn’t stolen to my knowledge :slight_smile: ), he could do so much better here.

The guy definitely has talent, but I can also see why he’s not making a ton of sales

  • poor English (communication was difficult)
  • portfolio is good but not really appealing
  • gig description repeats the same s*it (100% satisfaction, unlimited revision etc)
  • even the response to my buyer request was half-baked
    The only reason I went with this guy was because one of his portfolio items looked almost exactly what I wanted, so it was easy for me to ask minor modifications.

Since this is not the first time I’ve seen this, I was thinking to myself, I’m not a top seller (barely lvl2 seller) but if I had talent like that I’d surely sell more than he does. Has anyone here tried coaching someone 1-on-1 as opposed to forum posts? Like a weekly Skype call to discuss what can be improved, how to respond to a particular buyer request and how to write their profile description.

PS. I’m not volunteering for this (please don’t bombard me with PMs), just want to know if anybody has done it and how did it turn out in the end :slight_smile:


The question is, do they have time at all for that? Higher level sellers usually are busy with orders. :slight_smile:

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Valid point. Although there are plenty of experienced sellers here and if they have time to reply in the forum, maybe they have done it also 1-on-1.

Personally I’m getting tired of posting “Visit Academy” or “Promote on social media”. I’d rather take one seller and try to help them 1on1. Although I can already see a number of problems with that and most likely it isn’t that easy. That’s why I was hoping maybe someone shares their story.


Also, I thought sellers should not be in touch with each other outside of Fiverr?

I know the search is a bit wonky at the moment and maybe I didn’t use the right keywords, but I’m surprised that there are more health & life coaches than sellers who would coach you on Fiverr.
Is it because newbies are not willing to pay for it, so there’s no market for it?

Skype calls are fine if they are justified. For example, if you turn it into a gig then it will be OK.

Do you plan to create a new gig related to this matter? You can give it a try and see if it works :slight_smile:

I mean, you can only know if something would work if you try.

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Skype is going to be Official and legal and valid in coming future actually on Fiverr. It will help so many sellers and buyers. Typing takes 20-35% more time than a video explanation. Some sources also mentioned earlier that Fiverr is working a way around to crack a partnership with Skype. Still we haven’t heard any latest rumours in the development area.


Not yet :smiley:
I was thinking that I’ll first poke around to see what I’m getting into.

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Well that´s good news. I personally like Skype, but I prefer typing than verbally talking on Skype with my sellers as what I order usually are not something complicated anyway. It is enough for me to give a two or three short sentences in the instructions, and I´ve never got a seller who doesn´t get my instruction. :slight_smile:


Think about App developers, Website developers, or the voiceover artists, they can really use that feature in a good way. Think about me, i am a social media entrepreneur, it will really help me.

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@iamsachmusic Yeah, for some services I reckon Skype would help many buyers and sellers. Some services need a long discussion before execution.

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Lol… i am really moving this whole thread topic to an off topic conversation. :joy:

@iamsachmusic LOL. I think it is still related. At least the Skype part. :slight_smile:

I have had similar experiences and have done some coaching/provided some tips and advice as well as answered questions for a number of sellers I have bought from. When I see potential I like to encourage it and mentoring is supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement - it keeps the mentor on their toes too.
I have offered this as a gig but unfortunately I just got people wanting me to do it for free or, after buying a $5 gig, believed I should be their mentor for life so I dropped it. If you think you could help that seller out then I would say go for it.

I would say forget about Skype for this as there are so many potential complications (Time-zones, awkwardness, internet quality etc) and instead do it as a Q&A in attachments over and back. This is useful as it can be done anytime and the answers you give are there permanently rather than forgotten about 5 mins after ending the call.


You can offer mentor for 1-year Gig where you guide the person with details such as marketing, etc for $100. Just an idea. Just say that you are available for 30 minutes a week…you only have to teach them in the earlier stages, following which they won’t need you. If not for my ego, I would buy such a gig. LOL.

[Make that mentor for 1 month…forgot about the 1 month max requirement]


Yes, It’s a good idea.

Thanks for the feedback!
I think I won’t make a gig out of it yet. As Eoin said, you might end up with a client who expects to get rich overnight. In worst case scenario, they might even ruin my average rating.

I’ll probably reach out via PM and if my advice is useful, then they can give me like a discount on their service or I can create a gig for tips :slight_smile:

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These are the top reasons some don’t get sales even if they have the ability and skills to do excellent work.

There is more involved than simply being good at what you do.

If a seller struggles with English and it’s a chore to try to communicate with them,
that makes them hard to teach as well as keeps them from getting more sales.

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Pretty much this is it although there is one TRS I know of who offers gig help as one of her gigs and she has a few dozen reviews for it.