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Has anybody else had a drastic increase in impressions?


Too lazy to look at my impressions. If I get sales I am happy, if I don’t get sales something is wrong. I’m pretty direct about things.


I have noticed an increase in sales over the last 2 months. Your page will always go through waves. It happens to sellers of all levels.


So probably his sales went to you :))


It’s very normal to fluctuate :slight_smile:


The more I earn the more my impressions are cut back. Regular good clients are the bulk of my business.


I have been here for five years now.

I know that. This is not a fluctuation. This is something weird going on.


Very odd. I wonder were you ever featured?


Have you checked to see if your gigs are still in the same category?


Yup. That has not changed.


I would like to use tracking cookies of my own on my gigs.

You could try googling your gigs to see if they show up in there someplace.

You used to get 5000 per day? I don’t get that in a month in most of my gigs.
I get 500 impressions a week on average. I used to get 10,000 a month on my best gig.
It has something to do with them changing the categories around. I’m not visible unless you apply two filters.


I’ve had a pretty hefty increase indeed, with way more messages and orders. I’ve also noticed I appear higher in search results too. I’d suppose it has to do with the new gig video (which I asked you forum guys about here), but who knows.

Just check the “Clicks” graph!


It’s super exciting to see it go up! Good for you! That is also when I started getting more impressions and orders, right after I added a video. I am currently at 80k impressions for my featured gig per month!


I am back down to 90 impressions per day, but orders have gone up. It is weird. Really weird.


That is a very nice looking website michael and also lucky you living in San Luis Obispo!


Yes impressions are way down here now and orders are up-- $5 ones though of newcomers.


Update with the month wrapped: there’s indeed been an increase.


I have 598 Five Star rated projects. I was averaging 30-40 new projects per month. In the past six months I have a total of two orders. If I had a bunch of negative reviews it would be understandable, but I’ve only had two, and again, 598 five star reviews. I wonder what’s up with that?


Dear Creative Whiz:

I would hypothesize 3 factors:

  1. more Sellers in your niche, creating more competition;
  2. your gigs don’t have videos, making them less competitive;
  3. Fiverr has jiggered their mysterious algorithm in such a way that you’re no longer as prominently featured as you were.

My suggestions:

  1. freshen up your gigs, adding video to all of them. With your experience, this should be fairly simple.
  2. Step up your own marketing and advertising, as Fiverr’s system, which worked for you in the past, is no longer working.
  3. Date Taylor Swift, and ask her to talk about your gigs to her fans at her concerts…

Good luck,

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I’ve never had anywhere near that many.


It took time for it to happen. Keep at it and I am sure it will increase for you :slight_smile: