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Has Anybody else received the "Do you know ****** [Fiverr competitor]" scam?

This has happened to me twice. Somebody messages me saying they are interested in one of my Fiverr services. I tell them “Great! What would you like?” and they essentially use this whole copypasta about how they got locked out of their ****** [Fiverr competitor] account and now want to remotely access my computer to create a new ****** [Fiverr competitor] account and how they’re going to pay “A large per month salary”. I’ve never fallen for it, but it is kind of disappointing being a new seller and the first buyers you get turn out to be scams. I just made this post as a cautionary tale to any other new sellers out there to not fall for these tricks.

– James

Mod Note: Fiverr’s competitor’s name edited.


Please report this buyer to CS.


Thank you for the restless story.

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I deleted his messages from my inbox and unfortunately I don’t remember his username. Is there any way to retrieve either the messages or his username?

Thank you for reading my restless story :slightly_smiling_face:

Once erased, you can’t retrieve the message. Maybe CS has a way to see it although it has been erased but I can’t assure you that.

Anyway, you should contact CS and tell them about this.

So many times…I keep reporting and I keep receiving the message

From the same buyer over and over again?

Nah lol I usually just get messages from foreign dudes wanting to be my boyfriend

That person has been doing that for months. I got that message a long time ago. It’s not just new sellers who get it.