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Has anybody noticed the new Gig page?

they put it for few mins before restoring back the old design and it looks incredibly awesome!

can’t wait for the next update!

I guess they’re going more for an “overall” sort of rating. Seems a little weird…

I don’t like that now the right column is only the order button so there’s a lot of redundant space. The buyer bio there was a much nicer layout, and the absent stars are strange, but otherwise it’s clean and functional.

Reply to @kjblynx: Agreed on all points!!!

I love the new design but don’t you guys think that they hammered to many buttons and informations in a very small space?

In my attitudes,

New design looks professional, but not user friendly.

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, it also agree with you.

It also best in seller side to show his qualities, when some seller has more orders in queue buyers are try to buy it without hesitate. it was use friendly.

I really hate the new gig view :frowning: