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Has anybody seen "London has Fallen"?

Seems to be a fun film going by the trailer…worth a watch?

Or should I go to “13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” instead?

By “fun” I mean great action…not funny!

Not yet. But you gave me the idea. I will find the trailer first on Youtube. If it looks good, I will watch the movie. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think they are both movies for guys - lots of action…don’t know if you will like them…

I like comedies. But I don´t mind action movies. Sometimes action movies are interesting and mind blowing (my fav director is Quentin Tarantino). So I will watch that trailer first and see if I will like it.

Watch the movie “Room” - reviews are great and the lead Brie Larson won Oscar for best actress…story of a mother and child, the child actor is terrific as well.

I’m going to Zootopia this week.

Yeah, sounds like fun if you have kids with you.

I’m the kid. I saw the other Disney movie Cinderella and loved it. Disney is making great movies.

OKay :slight_smile: Have fun!

Okay I will check that out. Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile: