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Has anyone become a Millionaire?

Just out of curiosity, Has anyone become a Millionaire doing just Fiverr? Like the Net Income is 1mil on the earnings page? Investments from Fiverr money or Side hustles don’t count. Just Fiverr. If there is anyone, how long did it take?


Not sure if shes a millionaire but she earns a lot

She was featured for example in Forbes


Yes! There are many sellers who earned millions through Fiverr.

It took me a minute to search for top millionaire freelancers on Fiverr.
Check it out -


Oh damn! I didn’t expect there would be that much! That’s really cool! I thought making around $5K is way above the average :joy: Guess I’m wrong :joy:

I wonder if there’s anyone in this forum?


A guy from Republic of Moldova earned $1.6 million (he confessed online), but accordingly to my estimations he earned, in worst case scenario, $10 million (maybe double or even more - he had tens of thousands of reviews per gig, for a few gigs - in total he had hundreds of thousands of reviews per profile).

He had a team of 25 hired people. He was banned a few years ago in same lot with a few other BIG sellers (who earned at least a few hundreds of thousands of dollars) - they offered SEO services, usually very poor quality services and probable this was the reason for, they were banned (I suppose).


Most of these high-earners are busy, so I’d say no, not really. I’ve seen some pro sellers in the past with thousands of reviews though, but a very small amount of them.

Important is to learn from those guys what brought their success, what are they doing different.

From the guy from Republic of Moldova I learned something like that the most important is to create a very good product/offer. The truth is that his SEO offers were unmatched by any other Fiverr seller (a friend was his client - for buying bookmarks). Even today, no seller is able to match his services that were created in… 2011 or 2012, I don’t remember exactly what year was.

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Success always leaves a trail.

Most sellers who are considered high-earners have definitely done something right.

I am always open about my process and mindset, but most of the times people on the forum are looking for a different set of answers that require less work to get you to that kind of income.


Yeah, they have done a lot right. I would say, Customer experience must be Top notch. High level buyers don’t mind paying more for better communication.

Also, I guess you would need a team to handle all those orders right?

It’s always amazing when you think about what you can achieve with Fiverr. Like Jesus Christ, He has over a Million subs right now! That’s crazy!

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A few tips to become a bigger seller (not millionaire, because I don’t know how it is):

  • learned from a millionaire seller: create a very, very good product [that is the best on your niche];
  • in delivery offer bonuses as a surprise for each customer (but not for reviews, because it would be a ToS violation);
  • offer TIPs/recommendations for each customer (to help his/her business);
  • try to make happy each customer, create emotions to establish a friendly relationship;

Applying the above rules will make almost each previous customer to order at least one time per month (and getting constant orders from old customers will help you to get a decent revenue in weeks or months when Fiverr’s algorithms will outrank your gigs - everybody has to get orders, including new sellers, so, it’s normal to get your gigs outranked sometimes).

Also, old customers will bring to you new customers, usually from communities of their niches (FB groups, forums, etc) - you can detect that when Fiverr impressions (from analytics) remain constant, but you’re getting a spike in orders and almost all new orders are from new Fiverr members.

I hope other sellers will share some tips, too! It doesn’t heart to help others…

I mean… duh. It’s easy to become a millionaire on Fiverr if you know how.


I can’t believe how they can earn six figure income per month from fiverr :grin:
It’s awesome.

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Easier with Inspect element eh? :joy::wink:

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Actually it’s not easy at all to earn good money on Fiverr. To become a millionaire? Better try your luck at lottery… Behind of reasonable monthly revenue is a hard work, usually years of daily hard work…


I hope I’ll be a millionaire someday because of fiverr. Nothing is impossible in the name of god. So help me guys by purchasing my gigs. heehhehe