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Has anyone been able to get Fiverr <> IFTTT integration working recently?

Hey folks, so I saw this support article:

about connecting Fiverr to IFTTT. However, I sign in and when I try to connect to Fiverr (Step 3), nothing works - it just goes to the Fiverr front page. Has anyone else had any luck (or not) with this?

From the few mentions it’s had on here in the past, no, sadly, it doesn’t work! :slight_smile:

I’ve experienced the same thing. It’s unfortunate because I’d love to use it with my Fiverr business!

That’s unfortunate. I wish it would work with IFTTT as it would make gig
management that little bit easier.

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I tried some time back and couldn’t get it to work. Others have said it does so I am not sure.
I have invited a couple of people who have mentioned it before so hopefully they can update us.


I know this is an old thread, but people get super upset when you start a new one if there is another one somewhere in existance.

I have been using fiverr - Ifttt for about a year now and it’s incredibly helpful. When orders come through I have the information populated into a trello board and it saves me so much time and heartache.

Anyway recently it has stopped working and I have done some tests on my ifttt to see where the problem lies and I have determined that the problem is the connection between fiverr and ifttt. I have created now 3 IFTTT accounts and each is connected to fiverr but none of them are working.

I have contacted fiverr customer support but they are just telling me to talk to ifttt.

Is there anyone here who can help ?

Thanks for your time x