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Has anyone been facing sudden throwback in search result ranking of their gigs?

Yesterday (18 hours ago), when I checked my gig search result ranking (which I do once or twice a week) I found that all my gigs have been thrown back in the search results, what I mean is, generally they were always on first page, but now are on 5th or 6th page. Am I the only one facing this issue of is there someone else with the same issue. Kindly suggest what should I do?


Did you edit your gigs? There has been the bug/feature(?) around for a few years that sometimes when you edit a gig, it’s no longer indexed for a while and then appears in the middle of nowhere in results.

If so, you can either wait to get them indexed properly again (This can take from days to years), or you can ask support if they can help with it. Though if you are unlucky, you’ll just get a response that says it’s not a bug. That’s why I’m starting to believe it’s a feature instead!

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Thank you for your response Sir. I have faced that editing issue before Sir, but this is different as since 3 months (when the issue happen), I have not edited any of my gigs Sir.

Can’t say that I have heard of gigs dropping multiple pages so fast, without editing them. May want to give it some days and ask support to check on it if it’s still happening. Though most likely you’ll only get a cryptic “It’s working as intended” as a reply!

I too did nothing for a month gig was on first page and now its on 5th page :frowning:

I am not getting any message from buyer now