Has anyone been getting large $100 orders that then get cancel with the message"sorry i choose mist


like this,it seems to be quite a lot people getting them…post your screen shot of i if so


I had 2 of them so i am not the only one.


Yup I get those every once in a while


I’ve had three so far! Seems to be someone targeting TRS. CS are sort of on it–I’ve contacted them about it and they’ve said users have been removed but I’d like to know if they’re going to implement something that stops this completely.


I had one who bought all my gig extras, The next thing I know, The buyer wants to cancel citing he wanted to order from another seller. :-? :-L


aingham, how would you stop it completely without disallowing cancellation requests?


Reply to @eddycloyd: i had 2 also!


Reply to @aingham69: right,whoever it is .its only targeting people with good ratings


I’ve had a couple of them. I made sure to let CS know about it.


I just had one of these, i mutally cancelled and now i have a gigantic cancelation ration on my gig! (1 out of 7 orders)

The buyer didnt even engage me, its just a cancellation request and a message “my mistake”!

Can Fiverr whitewash these “cancelled orders”?


i just have another one … greAT …THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS


Reply to @ababilashari: the cancellation still counts against your account and just message fiverr so they can get rid of the fake account.they really need to get this fix,


We are working on providing a solution for these orders.

If you’re contacted by a buyer with unusual behavior, please report it to Customer Support immediately. We will have our security team review the buyer’s activity.

To protect you from any fraud related activity, those orders may be cancelled. Your support ticket will be noted to our Content Editors in the event of any negative impact on your account and Level.


yep already did, but how do i know if i sent the report right? and i maybe accidently double posted :frowning:

is there a ticketing menu for Fiverr CS?