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Has anyone been scammed?

Has anyone been scammed? I think I am being scammed by a buyer. They are really getting on me about banking information to pay me and want me to open an new checking account. Has anyone else had this issue? Please let me know.

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I have been a victim of a scamming buyer - who received work as described in my gig, with favorable results… but not the type of scam attempt you’re talking about… in your case OF COURSE HE OR SHE IS TRYING TO SCAM YOU.…

Never, ever, give those types of details – or have any financial exchanges with fiverr buyers – outside of fiverr’s platform. It’s against fiverr’s TOS.

You should report and block this person right away!:triangular_flag_on_post:


Thank you! I will block them and have them flagged. I feel so stupid. I’ve given them information that I should never have provided but just told them that I am no longer interested…They seemed so legit and I probably seemed so desperate to them. Ugh!!! I feel so foolish. I know better than this. I just got caught up in the newness of this. It was my first offer and I got too excited. Thank you for replying.


Of course Jenni! Anytime! You did the right thing! :slight_smile:

Really sucks to both types of scams…Not here but as an artist people used to try to do this all the time (dip out on finished work). Be safe, go reset all the info you can and alert your bank, or accounts. The can issue a new card and all that.