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Has anyone/can you make a living off fiverr

So ive made good amount on fiver and get a lot of messages, recently ive been lacking on fiverr due to my job but i was wondering can you make a living off fiverr if you work very hard on it?

Many sellers here on Fiverr do indeed make their living on this site. It is possible, however, it also requires a LOT of work and dedication. The sellers who make their living on Fiverr treat their gigs as if they were their professional business.

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jonbaas said: Many sellers here on Fiverr do indeed make their living on this site. It is possible

Yes very possible. Many sellers have different “living expenses and situations” and that makes this very possible and common.

If you read posts on the Fiverr blog you will find a number of them highlighting sellers who make a full time living on Fiverr.

Hi Shauna

As others have said, yes. A few people not only make a living but they get quite rich. Of course people have a different approach on what ‘rich’ is and it also depends on how much those $5 cost in the country one lives. For instance in India it would be nice. In Europe, especially in periods whith euro-dollar ups and downs it is zometimes too hard work to make these $5.

You have a lovely voice. And a positive face. Please allow a suggestion, I think that the video option of your singing Gig could be a bit more expensive. Don’t be afraid to ask for more when you are worth it. You may then get less orders on your video extra but you will get better quality-buyers who can appreciate. And the same amount of money. Quality buyers are usually repeat buyers.

All the best :slight_smile:

…And something else, If you get to Level 2 then you will have the option to include more extras and then you could probably make a living one day.

Some extras ideas for your Gig that you could already include may be a certain kind of outfit / make up & hair / scenery / outdoors / indoors / singing a duet with a friend / playing the song in duo, with guitar and piano.

Just take care about synchronising because as I watched your Gig video in some parts there was no lip-synk. I don’t know if this is a technical upload issue and if others see it this way, but you might lose some potential buyers because of that.

All the best :slight_smile:

Good tips, I considered this a few weeks ago too when it looked like I’ll make 1k consistently per month, but I’ll have to say it’s been quite challenging from the beginning of this month.
I haven’t relented, I’ve been working hard and I love my fiverr, I hope someday soon I’ll e working full time fiverr…
It’s totally worth it.

Many people make fiverr their full time job. Fiverr is perfect for this.

I’ve been a full time here in fiverr for about 4 months now. fiverr help me on my daily needs and bills