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Has anyone checked the new feature on Fiverr?

While surfing on Fiverr I saw something fresh and if anyone hasn’t seen,here is it.

And if I’m late,tell me lol…

Are you referring to the blinker? I noticed that recently, too. I think it’s an indication that the seller is online, right? I rarely log out of my account, so I wonder if mine blinks continuously even when I’m away from the site…

I believe I saw that late last month. It will be better if there is a real time message box for buyer n seller

Reply to @kissreviews: Yeah.That blinks only when you’re online of course.

Reply to @vince007: So I’m late lol…but when you see that the seller is online you can contact to get a directly reply, isn’t that important, feel me.

if you use Fiverr mobile app it works most of the time and for every one .

im glad to see it working on my app :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: Aha…But whey need to do that and when we are with Laptop or Pc.

Reply to @jmanuc: :slight_smile:

Yeah even Ive noticed. I feel that’s kind of cool!!

And over here. That’s really good feature :slight_smile:

Hats off to Fiverr but they need to make that even when you are with PC and Laptop :slight_smile:

The user “FRAGGLESROCK” was the “only” online and this is not to advertise him but only an example to show you guys.

Thank you.

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