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Has anyone come in contact with


someone who doesn’t speak your language at all? I took a bit of french in high school and someone has messaged me speaking in french so I message back saying I do not speak french and he replied in french…so I decided to use a translator (online) to try and communicate…good idea? I would hate to not be able to help someone with a project.


can’t say I have… Most sites nowadays have translations built in


Except this one? lol


Bad idea… online translators do not work very well at all, such as English to German translation, it looses all meaning, my best friends wife is German and I ran her by a Google translate of a perfectly plausible sentence written in English and translated by Google to German. Her reaction was laughter, why I ask? Her reply: it makes no sense almost like a child has written it?!


Reply to @ozzieuk: I understand that’s what I was afraid of! BUT it seems to be going okay for the moment. While what he says it’s as straight forward because of the translation I get it and I’m sure he is getting some idea of what I’m saying.


Reply to @madmoo: Sounds like it worked out well! I was just like oh no! How will I talk to youuu lol


Nope, never had a foreign language order. Google translate is rather handy though.