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Has anyone else experienced a lull in orders this new year?

I was averaging about 0.8 orders a day in the two months of 2015 I was active, now I haven’t had anything for a week! Hope others can chime in with their stories.

No, it’s just you.

I can’t complain actually. I had to take almost two months off Fiverr and usually when I do that and come back I get no orders for ages, but seemed to have a quite steady flow until today.

Your new though and things to take a while to get going sometimes.

You’ll notice seasonal ups and downs, its natural as the needs of the time of year change. Just make sure to answer your emails on time to keep up your response rate, and always be improving your gig.

yah ive been having the same issue. I have been getting about 5- 10 orders a day for the past few months and ever since the new year started not a single one. This is so weird. its like right when 1st jan started 0 orders ever since. this is pissing me off…


Yes. I felt the same way.

I am a fiverr seller for more than 3 years now but, in last 4 months,
I have seen gradual fall in my sell.

Even though I am active seller, keep submitting good work with nice ratings.

Any suggestions friends?

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You have a 92% positive seller rating. That may be affecting your visibility in the Fiverr search engine, which, in turn, would affect your sales. If that 92% falls even further, you will indeed start seeing a significant drop in search-related sales.

Are you promoting your gig anywhere else (outside of Fiverr)?

I have 0 sells…and response rate is 98% and good work with good ratings.