Has anyone else experienced this? Very worrisome


I’d been placing on the first page of the search for “tshirt design”, getting steady work, and yesterday the views just dropped off and today they’re almost non-existant. Not to mention zero orders coming in. I also can’t even FIND my gig when I search “tshirt design.” Like, what did they do during the last round of maintenance that completely erased me from the search?


how many impressions for the same time periods?


on 6/8 I had just under 3K and today I have 100.


I can’t explain it, but I would not easily blame it on the search algorithms. Your gig traffic will go up and down. You have been here a few months and you can’t anticipate the sluggishness of the summer. Each day of the month will have a rhythm considering when paydays hit both on the 1st, the 15th and Friday paydays. I have 2 day slumps on weekends because many of my orders are from small businesses who usually work and order during the week.

The search engine will rotate people on the pages. There are 1900 providers on a tshirt design search. Good news for you is, you are doing orders, you have great reviews. These stats tell the Fiverr search engine that you are a good fit for people searching for tshirt design.

I would also continue to build a customer base of repeat customers on Fiverr. You may continue to offer new items that are naturally repeatable. I didn’t find that until I was here 18 months. It was new gigs that I didn’t think of until way after I started. Now about 80 percent of my customers are repeat orders. This allows me not to depend on the serach engine as much.

Good luck to you. Keep up the 100% Positive feedback. That is awesome.

I did snapshots of one of my gigs. I also have dropped. There may also be a drop in traffic site wide because of the summer. Fiverr doesn’t show us site wide traffic. Alexa can give us a little insight. I attached.

Landon Grace
TRS Fiverr


Thank you for all the feedback and advice, I really appreciate it! It just really gave me a cause for concern since I’d never really experienced this in the past month and half since my initial increase in traffic.

I do realize I am new to Fiverr, but definitely not new to the game haha. It just seems every website is different and it’s always difficult adapting.


You should contact CS. When I search using your most popular gig title, I don’t see your gig at all.

Try for yourself. Search using your gig title – create an Awesome Typographic Tshirt – I don’t see it, do you?


I’ve been on Fiverr for several years and have experienced ups and downs just like what you’re explaining.

There are many reasons and most of them are only known by Fiverr and kept hidden.

I would definitely experiment with different keywords and tags because Fiverr is leaning towards tags in the coming months.

More info here: Search Tags - Update


That’s exactly why I’m worried! I haven’t been appearing in search AT ALL for two days now. I did just contact CS not too long ago, because it just feels beyond the normal “ups and downs” I know we all experience.


I appreciate the insight, thank you! Problem is, I’ve updated my tags (today actually) and searching through them, I can’t locate my gig at all which is why I’m so worried about this. It’s not that I got knocked back a couple pages or anything, I just can’t locate my gig.


Updates may take up to 24 hours to propagate. (Even the slightest change.)


Gotcha, thank you :slight_smile:


I have same issue from last 2 months now. My photoshop gig is disappear from search and dropped number of views and sales. Then I found that my gig is appearing when I keep my mobile app open. You can try the same. I reported this but no answer yet. :sweat:


UPDATE: Thought ya’ll should know that Fiverr CS got back to me and told me that search tags are not searchable by buyers?? lmao. There’s a whole how-to bubble next to the tag section about how to make your gig searchable to BUYERS.

I sent them a screenshot because how does that even make any sense.


You really lost me on this one. Search tags are not searchable by buyers? Ok…then what is the purpose. Would you elaborate more on "There’s a whole “how to bubble next to the tag section…” I don’t see how that makes a difference. There is something about your statement I’m not grasping. May I ask you to elaborate more.



Just wanted to throw in that not long ago, while still a lot of people have been experiencing the effects of that algorithm testing/change/whatever, I edited a gig and it took 4 or even 5 days until it appeared again.
The last one I edited though was back again on the same day (the edit was a tag edit btw haha, thank you for that laugh ;)).


I just put in the search word “gay” since I have a Gay Love Spell and got pages of gigs with the word “gain” in the titles. So CS may be right.

So if I use the tag “gain” for that gig will it show up under the search word “gay”?


Good question. Did you see your gig as well as all the gain gigs or just the gain gigs?


It was at the bottom of the second page. That’s where a few gigs with the word "gay"in the title started to show up.


I searched ‘gay spell’ and see 7 gigs, 2 have ‘gay’ (one of them is yours), the rest have ‘gain’.


I have the same problem. but the worst thing is that I have only 4 orders completed this month.
I really don’t know what to do anymore.
one of my gigs that had 24k impressions this January now have only 3k.