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Has anyone else had this?

So I have had potential buyers approach me asking me to write a portion of their instruction manual so they can see my writing style. I can see their scepticism, but I cannot afford to write a portion of instruction of an instruction manual just to have them not place an order at the end of it. For my first order, I was sat in front of my computer anyway, so I threw together a quick teaser of what my thoughts of how the instruction manual should be layed out. I work with the buyer in order to make sure he and I are both happy and there is alway the chance to get a refund on this website.

I have a full example on my gig and a work in progress uploaded, so people can see how I work, but because it’s not their product, they cannot see the relation. I always do my best work and I would never dream of accept a gig that I can’t deliver, because it would be my ass that gets bitten.

Has anyone got any advice on this? Also, does it get easier once you’re more established and have reviews?

You could probably narrow it down to 4 or 6 types of manuals and show samples of each. I think the stock examples are the way to go. Send a dropbox folder of multiple examples.

Are your final deliveries more than $5.00? If they are, you could do a test - $5.00 gig. I will give you a 1 step, 50 word test manual for $5.00.

Reply to @landongrace: My final deliveries vary depending on what the customer wants, if they want no styling, pictures or diagrams, then it’s $5. That would basically be a text document detailing what to do with the product. Then from there I have 1 add-on for layout and another for the pictures.

I am very happy, only had one gig so far and it was the max order. :slight_smile: So I can’t really complain at that to be honest. It’s just the amount of time I’ve spent sending what I feel to be pointless messages is taking away from that glory.

I do like that idea of offering a drop box folder with a few examples of my work in, I might have to set that up here shortly. Thank you! :slight_smile:

They’re just fishing for free work. Whenever I get those, “do some work for free to help me decide,” I refer them back to the preview samples of my work listed on my gigs. Not that they ever pay for work after I make it clear that I don’t work for free, but yeah… just take it as a sign that you’ve established yourself on Fiverr when the scammers come knocking.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Just as I thought, I seem to be getting a bit of spam in my inbox too. Like today I got a message on here, when I try to open it I get a message that says “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.”.

In order to view what the message actually said, I had to open it within my email and there was a link in there that directed me to an attempted Fiverr clone.

The message said - “Hi The world’s largest SEO Marketplace is looking for experts like you. Join us today! Visit - Website address Best Regards Jordan”. I wouldn’t say I no nothing about Search Engine Optimisation, but I wouldn’t even categorise myself as a beginner, because I haven’t even began to scratch the surface of that topic.

SEO Marketplace - SEOClerks

I didn’t click on the link. It was spam. The minute the fiverr system realizes it. It is blocked. That is what the “Privacy message” is for. It’s for your privacy! :slight_smile:

Definitely don’t do free work. If they really wanted to see your style, $5 is a miniscule amount to pay. I’ve had these requests before and I either refer them to the samples on my gig or ask them to purchase a minimum gig to gauge my style.

Reply to @philtabest: Ooh, I got that message today! Thanks for pointing it out as spam. I have so far just ignored it.

Reply to @landongrace: I can’t tell whether that’s a really good or really bad idea. It sounds like a good way to attract people, but many of the people who have been messaging me I feel like I don’t want to deal with. Especially with being a beginner on the site, my ratings are important to me and I feel like I have to be extra careful who I accept orders from.

After getting burnt once by doing some free work for a buyer who then disappeared, I always suggest that I can do some sample work for $5 for them. So far it has worked well and I have gotten larger orders from it as well. I currently have several buyers who provide large orders and repeat business so that I have to suspend my gig from time to time to be able to meet deadlines.

It’s hard to say no to that if you are a beginner, like me:-) You don’t know the direction yet and it might be true that they need to see a sample. (In my case it’s posing with a sign. I am very clear on what I offer, but I could always accommodate requests. However, a watermark in the photo or something would be good to add.) Apart from that, don’t do stuff you wouldn’t accept in the “real” world either:-)