Has anyone else noticed Fiverr has changed their URL? - Check your Address Bar


Hi All,

I looked up at my internet browsers address bar and it’s different!

I always log in to http://Fiverr.com but when I type that now it automatically goes to http://uk.Fiverr.com

I’m 12,000 miles from the UK. What is this for? I’ve noticed I haven’t had as many orders lately so this is quite concerning.

I can can still give out my gig links without the .uk subdomain and it gets to the correct gig but I don’t know what to make of it.

Has this occurred to you?

Let me know what you see by commenting below.


Murray / Creativeman




Oh and this doesn’t apply to the forum as the forum is always forum.fiverr.com check your profile pages


On and off mine changes from one country to another. Some time ago it kept showing https://es.fiverr.com/ every time I logged in and I had to scroll to the bottom left and change it to English every day.

A few weeks ago mine started showing UK but much more persistently. Even if I changed it back to plain English fiverr.com it would revert to uk.fiverr.com on refresh. Right now it doesn’t do that for me. It goes to the regular domain whether on my profile page or the main page. I’ve seen other people mention it. I don’t think it means much. Just one of Fiverr’s many quirks.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah I changed it but I had to do that often for days and not it seems to be back to normal.


yes, and I had to change my language from (uk English) to just (English) then it goes back to the right url, but I’m not seeing where I can change it again. It happened to me when I was offshore and their internet used a UK server. But when I got home my computer was still using the uk url, so I looked in my settings and it I had to change my language from uk english back to English, but like I said, I don’t see where I can change it again.



May be they are rolling something new. I don’t think getting re-directed to the UK version will have any impact on your sales. There has to be some other reason why you aren’t getting sales. And if you are talking about the last month or two, most people have their sales dried up. It is normal at the end of the year. i presume sales will pick up now.


This has been on and off since the last of September and it’s like flipping a switch on and off with sales. I think it eliminates all buyers who buy from regular www.fiverr.com and you only get ones who use uk.fiverr.com


This isn’t the first time, i really dont know the effect on my account.


Has anyone contacted support about this?